Why should you write your own website contents for your startup?

Posted on 06 Sep 2016 09:09 in Web & App Design
by Rimi Sharma

This is a dilemma everyone faces when the time comes to decide whether the content of the website should be self-written or by a professional. Both have different benefits.

Why should you write your own website contents (at least for the first draft) for your Startup?


This is a dilemma everyone faces when the time comes to decide whether the content of the website should be self-written or by a professional. Both have different benefits. A professional will look into various aspects of marketing while producing the content for you, while, on the other hand, when you as a writer write contents for your website you put down the things which you think are essential for your readers to convey your messages efficiently. It's your story!


That being said, we know that not everyone has skills required for writing. Writing the entire content for your website can be a huge responsibility, and you may not be up for it. Whatever it is, we understand. However, we suggest that before you hand over the entire project to a professional, a draft copy of contents by you will give your website a personal touch. Professional can then just work on your thought process to make it attractive contents for readers.


Here are some more reasons why we feel that you should write your own content, at least the first draft:


No one can say it better than yourself
No matter how good someone is at writing, how many followers they have on their personal blogs or who they are, no one will ever be able to voice your opinions better than you. They may do a good job at writing and attracting customers for you, but if you want your readers to relate your website to you, it is recommended that you write your own content. This way the important aspects of the contents like what you want your readers to know about you and your company can be taken care of. People wish to know your real story!


You have your own style, just like everyone else. So, do a little work and get started with writing in whichever style you have. Developing your own style, and working towards perfecting it will win you a different kind of an audience.


It is essential for making a brand
If you want to enter the market, having your voice is very important. A brand is created when you view yourself as a brand and treat yourself like one. It is necessary for you to create your brand because it will help in making a mark in the market that you wish to enter.


You can hire a ghostwriter, but it will not have the same kind of an effect on your readers. While as if you write, soon you will see your impact on your followers. Whatever you write, whatever you post or whichever link you share will be impacted because you wrote it. Your brand cannot stand without your presence, and you cannot make your presence felt if you don’t make contact with your readers. And that can only be done through writing.


You will get the experience of writing
The factor which makes you different from professional writers is their experience. Writing your content will not only be a way of reaching your audience, but also a way for you to gain some experience in the field of writing. When you do your research for the content, you are learning- learning various ways to write, knowing what the demands of your audience are, and informing yourself about topics which you had no prior knowledge about.


If one of the things you are passionate about is helping others, then writing is a good way to start doing that. If you have the required experience in communicating directly with your readers, you need not reach out to the professionals every time you have a need for new content.


Through writing, you can reach out to your audience, and improve
When you write for your readers, you can connect with them. They read what you write, understand and then give their comments, which can be a valuable input or a form of feedback for you to look at the matters that require improvement.


A good way to cater to the demands of your readers is to understand what they are looking for and then addressing the matter. You can only know of their needs when you communicate directly with them. No content will be effective enough if it does not look into matters which concern the readers.


Keeps you updated
Content writing will keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings in your field of business. When you begin to write a new blog, you will have to read up a fair bit because you want your readers to be informed. To do so, you have to know everything there is to know about the field.


Especially, if you find yourself getting consumed by the burden of handling business, you may feel yourself drifting away from the trends of the market. Content writing will bring you back to the present. You will get to be in-the-know while making an effort to inform others.


Makes you look at different parts of content writing
The more you write, the more you will learn. With time you will find yourself being your own critique, correcting your work again and again until you are satisfied. Writing will not only polish your skills but give you insight into the things that make a write-up successful.


Analysing the aspects of the market is critical in making your website reach the audience. Trial-and-error will help you go a long way. You will learn how your writing style matches the needs of the public.

Content writing is not easy. It requires a lot of effort, motivation and time. But all of it is worth it because, in return for your time and efforts, you get knowledge and experience: two invaluable assets. So, we would suggest all startup and small business owners to write your own content, even if it is not good enough in the beginning. It will get better with time and practice. Sure take help of professional when required, but remember to tell your story!


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