Why website is more important for your business than social media presence alone?

Posted on 22 Sep 2016 09:09 in Small Business Hacks
by Snehasish Powali

Is creating a facebook or Google+ business page enough to compel customers to buy your product and services? We think not, and here are a few reasons why you should have your website made for your business.

Social media platforms have made us reach our customers faster and have helped our businesses grow in ways which we didn’t think were possible a decade ago. Social media platforms have gained a lot of responses from big and small businesses alike, when it comes to making their mark on the internet. But is creating a facebook or Google+ business page enough to compel customers to buy your product and services?


We think not, and here are a few reasons why you should have your website made for your business.


1. A website is yours; you control it.
You never know what could become of social media platforms. One day they are here and the next moment they are gone. So many people thought that the then famous social networking sites were here to stay forever, but their craze died down in a decade. For example once very popular social media site Orkut.


What we mean to convey by this is that although a page in social media does not come with a guarantee that it will ALWAYS attract customers for you, a website is here to stay, and stay for good.


2. It gets difficult to locate where the majority of your clients come from.
There are tons of place where your customers can be or sites which they visit most often. How can you know where you should be to acquire your audiences’ attention? Social media platforms like Facebook, MySpace, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn are only a few names of the tons of them available out there.


Because of the overwhelming options in the online world, we suggest have your own website first and use social media to spread the word. This way you and your customer have one common place to reach out to you.


3. Your website has all the content right where it belongs.
With the increasing amount of information, clustered into one page, information uploaded a long time ago may as well be considered “gone”. But, when you have a website, you upload the information, products details and news, and everything will be there as long as you don’t change its place. This ensures that the clients looking for the same product will know where to go and which links to click in order to reach where they want to be.


Information which is uploaded a long time ago will still be on the website after decades along with the newly updated details.


4. Social Media isn’t always a go-to place to sell your products.
While there are many stories of business growing bigger with social media platforms, it cannot be guaranteed that these platforms will make your business grow by selling your products.


The first reason is that to compel your buyers you can only write so much on social media platforms and share those posts. If you write too much, people may not be willing to read all that information. But when the same information is put on your website, you can be sure that your visitors will not get bored because they are there to read all that and more about your product.


Secondly, your website will speak about your product in the exact way you want it to enhance the image of your product, whereas, a social media page will set limits for you.


5. Not everyone is an ardent fan of social network
Although, a huge population is on social networking sites and apps, there are still those who do not rely on these platforms when it comes to buying products and services, and prefer the old-school way of relying on the information websites provide.


Having a website for your business creates a sense of reliability among your clients. A website is a place where your clients will get to know all about you before they invest in your business, products or services. One of the clever ways of telling others about your company is by making a detailed “About Us” page.


6. Because getting noticed costs money.
While a website which is made by you, will do and show all that you want it to do for no extra charges, social media pages may charge you extra for getting noticed by placing ads all of the platform. While you have spent so much already on building your social media account/ page/ profile, you will have to loosen up your pocket a bit more to make sure you are visible to those browsing the networking sites.


A professional website or website made using website builder software will make the work all the more easy for you. You will be able to easily place news, advertise your products on your website, make and add as many pages to your websites as you like, get found on search engines and even create blogs for your website in which you ma advise your customers about your services and products. With no cost to minimal costs, you will have built yourself your very own website which will include every little speck of detail about your business.


Although, throughout the article we have mentioned only about the importance of having a website for your business, we do not, in any way, wish to portray through this or any other blog for that matter that social media is not important. We want our readers to understand the fact that a website is more important than social media presence, but is not the only source of increasing your business. Social media plays a significant role in developing a business, and we are able to say so in reference to all those business and companies which have grown with social networking sites and such platforms.


A website may be the best way to put your business out there in the market, social media presence is almost as essential. While a website speaks all about your company, social media presence will attract your customers by linking them to your website through the links that you share. Remember, social media calls for your presence almost throughout the day in order to achieve your customers’ attention by making posts during the peak hours of usage.


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