Work-life balance - Myth or Fact?

Posted on 14 Mar 2022 10:30 in Shimbi Labs Products
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

All work and no play makes Jake a dull boy. Hence, having a work-life balance is crucial. But is this a myth or a fact? Read along to know more!

Work-life balance a term now popularized among millennials has its roots back in the 1970s and 1980s. It has its roots in the Women's Liberation Movement. The movement advocated for flexible schedules and maternity leave for women because women were expected to balance family life as well as work.

During the industrial revolution, it was common to work for 14-16 hours a day. In the US the workers realized that they were working more than 100 hours per week. It had loads of health implications, especially for children. This period also marked an increased population growth hence people strived to achieve a balance between career, family, and other aspects of life.

This is how the need for work-life balance began.

What is the meaning of work-life balance?

Work-life balance involves how working professionals manage their time in and outside of their workplace. Time outside the workplace may include family, relationships, responsibilities, social commitments, personal interests, etc. The way an individual juggles between all aspects of life along with their work defines work-life balance.

This term has evolved with time. Earlier there was nothing called work-life balance. People used to work day-in-day-out to support their families financially. Work was their top priority and all other commitments were side-lined. Whenever time permits, they were done.

The individual's lifestyle revolved around their occupation. But now it is the other way round. With the advent of this term in the 80s, people demanded shorter working hours so that they could spend time with their families. With time now people choose a career that suits their lifestyle.

Is work-life balance a myth or fact?

It is a FACT in today's world. Nowadays work does not dictate a person's life. Individuals dictate their work, their career path, and jobs. Companies now try and create such an environment so that employees enjoy a balanced life.

People have started realizing the ill-effects of long working hours, using computers for long hours, and unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Nowadays people don't just want to earn, they want to spend their earnings and upgrade their standard of living. They want to enjoy what they earn. According to Forbes, Generation X has focused heavily on the balance aspect, embracing remote work trends and using PTO to focus on family and work outside the office.

How can one achieve a work-life balance?

Are you heading out in the job market, starting your venture, or freelancing? Then you must think about how you can have a healthy work-life balance.

Here are a few ideas on how you can do it –

Prioritize your activities

List down all the activities and commitments you have every day. Then prioritize them based on urgency, importance, and ability. Then you can distribute them across the week so that you do not burden yourself.

This way you can balance your work as well as have time to enjoy other activities that you like. Nowadays a lot of people like to buy a planner so that they can list down all their responsibilities and plan their day, week, and month accordingly.


If you feel that your work interfering in your life and that you need a break then communicate your feelings to your superior. Ask your boss for some time off. Unless and until you don't communicate your superiors will be unaware of how you are feeling.

Then you can delegate your responsibilities to others

Learn to say NO

There is no need to overwork yourself just because your boss gave you extra work. No need to cover for your colleague and do their work. You're not obligated to work late at night or reply to an email the next instant.

Learn to set boundaries for yourself. Learn to say no to extra work or responsibilities that will burden you. Take only as much work as you can complete comfortably without harming your schedule.

Stay away from distractions

When you're at work don't let your phone, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, unnecessary calls, or chit-chat distract you from your job. Work efficiently and systematically so that you complete your work on time.

This way you can complete your work on time and go home from your office.

Leave your work stress at your office

Once you leave your office leave behind all your work-related stress over there. Unplug yourself from your profession.

This will keep your headlight and you can recharge yourself for the next day. Many arguments and fights with loved ones, mental disorders like depression and anxiety, can be reduced if one doesn't get their problems from the office to their home.

When you reach home, you should focus just on yourself and your family.

Work-life balance is not a myth. It is a necessity in today's day and age. Everyone gets involved in the rat race of earning promotions that they forget about their life outside work.

Do not overburden yourself and compare yourself with others. Don't be your own worst enemy. Follow the above tips and attain a work-life balance now. It will be hard initially but it is worth it in the long run.

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