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Being a fresher, I was given autonomy to go ahead and do what I wanted and my new ideas were given the chance to flourish.

Srishti Hatte
Digital Marketing


How was your internship experience with ShimBi Labs?
It went very well. It was a great learning experience where I could implement what I learnt in the few  months of my MBA course. Being a fresher, I was given autonomy to go ahead and do what I wanted and my new ideas were given the chance to flourish. I came up with various new things to digitally market the brand as one which was student-friendly and open.


Project Name: Digital Marketing (Analysis and Research)
Project Duration: 6 Weeks


Project Summary
The project implementation was successful in terms of the increase in digital presence. On Facebook, ShimBi Labs following increased to 111 from 48. 1000 people and more were talking about it on FB. The engagement increased. Thus, during the 4 weeks of posting, the ShimBi Labs page had become much more active and showed improved engagement.


Important Features
The important aspect of the project was to increase the digital presence of the brand as a method of recruitment for student internships. This was done by sharing and creating content that did the following:
1. Promote ShimBi Labs work culture
2. ShimBi Labs Internship Offerings & Job opportunities
3. Benefits of working with ShimBi Labs
4. Content related to benefits of Internship 
5. Common questions asked and answered about Internship


If given time and chance what more you can do?
There is very little information on the employees, their day-to-day activities and the company culture. I would try to extract that. How the employees are bringing about change, latest work done and also client interactions. Employees have to be involved more in the branding of the organization.


Rate You Internship Experience
I rate it 3 on scale of 1 to 5


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