What should I include in the cover letter?

Posted on 07-Aug-2020

What is a cover letter? Or what should I include in the cover letter? We always get these and similar questions. Let us answer what we expect in your cover letter when you apply for a job at Shimbi Labs.

Urgent Opening - We are hiring engineers

Posted on 18-Jul-2020

We are looking for three people to join our engineering team. Its rare opportunity that we are hiring multiple people at one go. Here is who we are looking for ->

Top 6 reasons to go for Ninjin online store builder.

Posted on 18-May-2020

Let's look at the top reason you should consider Ninjin for your online store.

Say hello to Ninjin - Simple. Affordable. Powerful online store builder.

Posted on 07-May-2020

Today Shimbi Labs announces the launch of Ninjin as subscription service. Ninjin is a simple, affordable, yet powerful online store builder.

Basics of adding, updating, and managing leads in Mikan CRM: A Guide for Beginners.

Posted on 30-Apr-2020

Every lead is essential for small businesses because well-natured lead may eventually become a customer. In his blog post, you will learn the basics of managing your sales lead.

How to start your Blog using Budo website builder?

Posted on 27-Apr-2020

This blog post will explain how to start a blog for your business in 5 simple steps.

Shimbi Invoice - Automate your invoicing to get paid on time.

Posted on 24-Apr-2020

Are you working remotely? Explore the power of Shimbi Invoice Software to send your invoice on time from anywhere and get paid online, on time.

Budo Website Builder updates - add video, maps, and more.

Posted on 15-Jan-2020

Today we have some a few exciting updates one Budo to share with you.

Android app for asksiddhi.in

Posted on 17-Oct-2019

Yesterday we re-released Android app for asksiddhi.in a blog authored by Yoko Deshmukh. 

Happy birthday, Bhavana!

Posted on 16-Oct-2019

Every day is a celebration day in life - this is the philosophy we believe at Shimbi Labs, and we love to party for everything. Happy engineers can create excellent software to make customers happy!

Google Fonts are now available on your website and blog created with Budo.

Posted on 15-Sep-2019

Over 20 new Google Fonts are now available on your website and blog created with Budo.

Why and how to write for your website readers? (not for a search engine)

Posted on 12-Jul-2018

This article is about how to write content for a human that search engine also love!

5 expert tips for a killer App UI

Posted on 17-Nov-2017

Understanding human behavior is really the only way to make effective designs. Here are 5 Expert Tips for a Killer App UI.

Advocate Santosh Naidu: Inspiring story of journey from steno typist to successful advocate

Posted on 23-Sep-2017

Here is the first story of blog series"Inspiring Entrepreneurial Success Stories" about Advocate Santosh Naidu, a man with strong, desired to succeed.

Why excel is unfit for generating invoices

Posted on 27-Aug-2017

In general Freelancers, Startups and Small Business tend to use Excel for their invoicing requirement. But these 10 points will prove you why Excel is wrong choice to create invoices.

Indian Business - Get paid online, faster and easier, with Shimbi Invoice payment integration

Posted on 14-Aug-2017

Since 2006, Shimbi Labs helping freelancers and small businesses streamline their invoicing. Today we are announcing 4 payment options for our Indian Business to get paid online.

Shimbi Invoice is GST-ready for India

Posted on 08-Jul-2017

Creating GST compliant invoices takes just seconds with Shimbi Invoice. Stop worrying about GST and focus on growing your business.

Today is Shimbi Lab's 12th anniversary

Posted on 12-Jun-2017

During all these years only thing doesn't change, our mission to provide Simple, Powerful, Innovative yet Affordable software solutions to customers.

Customers are your valentine!

Posted on 14-Feb-2017

Your customers will be the reason you enjoy your best laughs and momentous joy of the year with your significant one, this Valentine's Day!

I could implement what i learnt

Posted on 01-Feb-2017

Being a fresher, I was given autonomy to go ahead and do what I wanted and my new ideas were given the chance to flourish.

Perfect example of out of box thinking

Posted on 28-Jan-2017

It was a pleasurable experience. I like the way the firm works and the attitude firm carries to hire a new intern or an employee. This is a perfect example of out of box thinking.

ShimBi Labs Is Great Place To Learn New Things!

Posted on 08-Aug-2016

ShimBi Labs is a great place to learn new things and a right place to Interns to kick start their career. My Internship experience with ShimBi is fruitful.

I Learned How To Work In A Team

Posted on 03-Jul-2016

It was a nice experience. I worked in a team through which I learned how to work in a team. When you are a team member you get to know how other people work. 

The Working Environment At ShimBi Labs Is Very Healthy

Posted on 03-Jun-2016

Initially, we were aware of only PHP syntax, but here we learned Codeigniter, MVC framework along with practically how to use PHP in a live project.

My Internship Experience With ShimBi Labs Was Fruitful 

Posted on 27-May-2016

My Internship Experience With ShimBi Labs Was Fruitful. ShimBi Labs gave me the opportunity to gain practical experience in a professional environment.

My Internship Experience With ShimBi Labs Was Very Nice

Posted on 20-May-2016

My Internship experience with ShimBi Labs was very nice. Many things I learned in this company, technical as well as how everyone handle their work efficiently and with responsibility.

The Experience I Am Having With ShimBi Labs Is Phenomenal

Posted on 05-May-2016

The experience I am having with ShimBi Labs is phenomenal. The environment here at ShimBi Labs is amazing. From my earlier internship experience. At ShimBi Labs I was given full freedom & resources to make my own project also with right amount of guidance.

5 Things You Need To Consider While Your Email Marketing

Posted on 30-Apr-2016

Technology is involving. What worked last year does not guarantee that it will be the same this year. In fact, some strategies may seem redundant and not helpful enough that it could affect your business. 

Top 6 Reasons To Use Branded Email

Posted on 29-Feb-2016

Email is the fastest mode of sharing sensitive information. It is a fact that a customer would trust sales@shimbi.in rather than shimbisales@gmail.com. Your website domain name is your new online identity for your business.

10 Step Guide To Start Your Ecommerce Website

Posted on 28-Feb-2016

There are many shop owners who want to grow their business and e-commerce is a way to do so. E-commerce is also the cheapest way to start your virtual shop instead of expensive options like buy a franchise or open up a brick and mortar shop.

7 Blogging mistakes small businesses make that you should avoid

Posted on 24-Feb-2016

While blogging can be a great marketing tool for small businesses but one wrong move can do more harm than benefits. Here are some lethal small business blogging mistakes you should avoid under all circumstances.

You need Budo because everything starts with website.

Posted on 21-Feb-2016

Here is our press release for Surge Conference, Bangalore 23-24 Feb 2016 for Budo, a leading cloud-based web development platform.

Inviting Students For Summer Internship 2015-16

Posted on 23-Nov-2015

ShimBi Labs is a place where students can thrive. Learn and explore new things, develop skills. Get hands-on experience working with some of the best minds in the business.

Photos for Budo - All New Way To Display Photos On Your Website

Posted on 25-Aug-2015

Introducing Photos for Budo. Photos is an easy-to-use responsive Photo Gallery app for your Budo powered website.

Your Website Is Doomed If Your Homepage Doesn't Answer These 6 Question

Posted on 06-Jun-2015

It is necessary to ask yourself a question "Does your homepage give the right answers to your customer?" Precise and accurate information is key to the success of website sales.

ShimBi MyBilling 2.4 Released

Posted on 23-Mar-2015

We would like to announce the release of ShimBi MyBilling 2.4 with Report Module and some other improvement in UX.

Top 10 Tax Deductions For The Freelancers And Self Employed

Posted on 12-Mar-2015

As a Freelancer or Self-employed individual for your tax computation purposes, you are allowed few of the deductions. Are you aware of these top 10 tax deductions for the Freelancers and Self Employed?

Not Using Online Invoicing Software? These 10 Facts Will Change Your Mind.

Posted on 28-Feb-2015

Many small businesses and freelancers think they doesn’t need to automate invoicing process and don't want invest in tools like online invoicing. If you also think same, then we suggest to read this blog post once and then decide.

5 Things About ShimBi CMS Budo, Your Boss Wants To Know

Posted on 21-Feb-2015

Are you the one who is given responsibility to select perfect website builder and CMS for your company website? Then this blog post is for you.

Top WYSIWYG Editor Myths

Posted on 30-Jan-2015

WYSIWYG editors are usually taken for granted by the online community. Most users think sites and CMSs naturally come with such tools, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Fresher - Seeking A Job Or A Learning Opportunity?

Posted on 19-Jan-2015

As a fresher, it is very important to choose your first employer and begin your new chapter of life. What you learn early remains with you forever but not what you earn.

Why ShimBi MyBilling? This Video Explains.

Posted on 27-Dec-2014

ShimBi MyBilling is ideal for freelancers, professional, small businesses and start-ups. This Video Explains.

GST Tabled In Lok Sabha, Is MyBilling Ready?

Posted on 20-Dec-2014

This is the biggest tax reform since Independence; analysts are calling it as a "game changer" that would cut the cost of doing business and boost economic growth.

Invoicing & Billing Jargons Explained For Small Business Owners

Posted on 17-Dec-2014

Small Business Owners, Freelancers and Startups difficult to understand some Invoicing terms, this post is for you.

Are You Starting A Business? Think Twice, It's Not Sexy.

Posted on 14-Dec-2014

Are you first-time entrepreneur? Planning to start your new business? This blog post by Apporva is must read for you.

ShimBi MyBilling 2.3 Released.

Posted on 11-Dec-2014

We would like to announce the release of ShimBi MyBilling 2.3.0 that contains some significant performance improvements and new features like Void Invoice.

Invoicing For Freelancers - Keep It Simple

Posted on 03-Dec-2014

Freelancers tend to be master in their trade. This is their strength and weakness. Beyond their job-specific-skills, they tend to lack knowledge in the areas that are required to "run a business". Invoicing tops the list.

An Invitation to Write for Our Blog

Posted on 23-Nov-2014

If you have some great content that you would like to share with our readers, we wish to invite you to write a guest post on our blog.

12 Design Secrets by Apple's Sir Jony Ive

Posted on 19-Nov-2014

Sir Jonathan shared 12 design secrets at Apple and also shared how he become so successful as Apple’s Senior VP of Design.

Is Cloud Computing Good for Small Businesses?

Posted on 16-Nov-2014

The "cloud" everyone is talking about it. More and more business are adopting cloud computing solutions to run their business in an easier, more cost effective way. It's no more buzzword.

Our Answers to Myths About Online Invoicing

Posted on 13-Nov-2014

Many people are skeptical or cautious and still prefer creating hand-made invoices using paper. We decided to interview 100 + people and finding was people have some myths about online invoicing.

Website Design Trend: Beautiful Flat Website Designs

Posted on 27-Oct-2014

Flat User Interfaces have been in demand recently. Today, most of the new websites follow flat designs as their style guide. So, what is flat website designs?

85% Small Businesses Don't Have a Website.

Posted on 09-Oct-2014

You feel it is a joke? No, that is not a joke. It is a surprising fact. 46% of small businesses abroad and near whopping 85% of small business in India do not have a website.

SMB Owner: What are You Losing by NOT having a Website?

Posted on 07-Oct-2014

It is a high time for small business owners (SMB owners) to realize that people aren’t using yellow pages anymore for searching information on local businesses.

5 Points to Consider Before You Choose the Right Website Content Management System.

Posted on 05-Oct-2014

5 Points to consider before you choose the right website content management system for your small business.

Shimbi MyBilling 2.2 released.

Posted on 30-Sep-2014

Your favorite online Invoicing App keeps getting better. This month we focused on default email templates. We redesigned "Email Templates" module.

ShimBi MyBilling in 20 Points

Posted on 25-Sep-2014

MyBilling is relatively new but already one of the finest invoicing software available in the market providing amazingly easy to use features to make your billing experience pleasant.

ShimBi MyBilling 2.1 released

Posted on 15-Sep-2014

In this release Shimbi MyBilling, we have completely revamped User Rights module. Learn more how User Roles can save you a lot of trouble.

Yet Another Reason to Update Your Old Website!

Posted on 05-Sep-2014

Is your website all browser compatible? Is your source code valid (HTML and CSS)? Does your website meet the basic web standards?

ShimBi Labs Unveils CMS Budo Cloud Version, the Biggest Release Since the Launch of ShimBi CMS.

Posted on 03-Sep-2014

Keeping up with the expectations of Budo's fan followings, ShimBi Labs today unveiled its Cloud Version of CMS Budo, the biggest release since the launch of ShimBi CMS.

Advantages of Cloud CMS Over Installed CMS for Small Business.

Posted on 26-Aug-2014

We are just 3 days away from launching CMS Budo Cloud version, so I thought, of I should explain, why we thought of shifting from the installed version of CMS Budo to a cloud version.

7 Reasons Why You Need to Go Mobile (Infographic)

Posted on 24-Aug-2014

Nielsen have found out that 91% of us have our mobiles within arm’s reach 24/7; no other marketing channel can get close to that.

Shimbi MyBilling: Sign Up in 30 Seconds. No credit card required.

Posted on 05-Aug-2014

A step towards making things simpler and efficient. We feel hugely excited when we work on user feedbacks... Now Sign Up for Shimbi MyBilling in 30 Seconds.

Celebrating 9th Anniversary Of ShimBi Labs

Posted on 13-Jun-2014

ShimBi Labs celebrated the 9th anniversary yesterday. Here is the email message from Siddharth Deshmukh, Founder and CEO of ShimBi Labs to employees.

Simple Online Invoicing Application for Small Business Owners

Posted on 16-May-2014

Are you looking for an online invoicing solution for your small business? Then today blog host is must read for you.

Tools For Driving Traffic through Your Own Infographics!

Posted on 13-May-2014

Today’s post in our Small Business Toolkit for Busy Entrepreneurs series will explore tools for small business owners to create your own engaging infographics.

ShimBi MyBilling: Now Customise Your Invoice Template

Posted on 12-May-2014

ShimBi MyBilling now lets you customise your Invoice and Estimate templates.

Tools to Send Promotional Emails

Posted on 11-May-2014

A good email marketing program is an essential for growing your small business and increase your revenue. The first step is to find the right Email Service Provider (ESP).

Photo Editing Software Options for Small Business Owners

Posted on 09-May-2014

The importance of great images for your website and printed materials cannot be overstated. Images are a great way to draw visitors and prospective customers to your website. Images can help describe your business, product and services in engaging way.

Simple yet, Powerful CMS for your Small Business Website

Posted on 07-May-2014

You as Small Business Owner already know the importance of having good Business Website. Today we will be discussing the importance of CMS driven website and how to select Content Management System (CMS) for your website.

ShimBi MyBilling: Users & Roles

Posted on 21-Apr-2014

ShimBi MyBilling allows you to create an unlimited number of user to manage your invoicing system. This feature is specially useful for medium to large organization, when invoices are generated by different departments, learn more ...

ShimBi MyBilling: Plans & Subscriptions

Posted on 08-Apr-2014

Here are some frequently asked questions about Shimbi Invoice (ShimBi MyBilling) Plans and Subscriptions.

ShimBi MyBilling Updates: 2checkout payment gateway now available

Posted on 01-Apr-2014

Today we are announcing the availability of Credit Card payment through 2checkout payment gateway.

ShimBi MyBilling Getting Started: I have few queries

Posted on 29-Mar-2014

Must read, before you start using ShimBi MyBilling online invoicing application.

Android Application Development With ShimBi Labs

Posted on 27-Mar-2014

Android is the world's most popular mobile OS. Android powers more than a billion phones and tablets around the world. It is very clear; that no enterprises can ignore the benefits of Android app development.

Why Freelancers Should Use Online Invoicing Application

Posted on 20-Mar-2014

As a freelance designer one has to do everything on their own. Its all do it yourself. This includes acquiring new customers, delivering projects on time, generating invoice, sending payment reminders… and many more activities. Its like one man company...

Top 6 Reasons to Signup for ShimBi MyBilling

Posted on 12-Mar-2014

Because your hard work deserves payment on time. Shimbi MyBilling is now Shimbi Invoice.

How can Online Invoicing System help your business?

Posted on 01-Mar-2014

Are you fed up with the hassles of sending an invoice with Excel or Word? Do you spend hours managing invoices and billing? Do you lose valuable time sending reminders to your customers about recurring payments? If Yes, then it is time for you to seriously

I am evaluating ShimBi MyBilling. I have questions.

Posted on 23-Feb-2014

ShimBi MyBilling is a simple online invoicing application which save your time and money. Before you start using ShimBi MyBilling, we encourage you to read answers to some of the questions which have been frequently asked.

Advantages of online invoicing software?

Posted on 16-Feb-2014

Why small business owners and freelancers are rapidly switching to online invoicing solutions.

12 Mahatma Gandhi's Quotes to Inspire You On His Birthday

Posted on 02-Oct-2013

To celebrate M K Gandhi’s birthday today we have compiled some of our favourite quotes that still empower and inspire entrepreneurs the world over to engage in lasting social change.

The 10 Essential Characteristics of a Business Website

Posted on 18-Sep-2013

If your business website does not benefit your business, in terms of either drive sales or raise awareness, it’s time to rethink your website and rebuild. Here are 10 Essential Characteristics of a Business Website

Online Billing Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on 04-Sep-2013

Are you thinking to shift to online or electronic billing system? Then these frequently ask question may help in your decision making

Learn with us, How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Small Business

Posted on 30-Aug-2013

We all know Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Linkedin as most popular social media networks, but there is one more which is creating a buzz. Pinterest is the name and pin-boards is its game. The beauty of Pinterest is its ability to bring many diversity

SMEs Its Time to be Online, India's Internet user population is 73.9 million, 3rd largest in world

Posted on 28-Aug-2013

India with 73.9 million Net users is the world's third largest Internet population, overtaking Japan after China and the US, its time for Indian SMEs to go online.

Practical tips to help you get paid on time

Posted on 21-Aug-2013

Chasing late payments? Losing time and money over getting your payments on time? This situation is really nasty and Frustrating especially for freelancers and small business owners. Here are some practical tips that we implemented over the period of time.

10 Years of ASKSiddhi!

Posted on 19-Aug-2013

We at Shimbi Labs are very proud to sponsor and associate with this project. And wish ASKSiddhi and Ms. Yoko Deshmukh good luck.

Budo - Introducing Stats: Learn More About Your Website Visitors

Posted on 17-Aug-2013

Visitors statistics is most important every business owner wishes to know. Budo now has best in a class, powerful and featureful tool that generates advanced website visitor statistics.

7 Secrets of a Good Website Design

Posted on 15-Aug-2013

CMS Budo Ver. 4.4 is Released

Posted on 12-Aug-2013

Rain is in full force, and that means we have more time to spend on updates and enjoy a hot cup of tea reviewing updates to your favourite website builder Budo. Today we are announcing CMS Budo Ver. 4.4! Check out our updates and what is new.

Significance Of Branding For Smaller Businesses

Posted on 16-Jul-2013

Everything starts small. No matter how big business is today, fact remains that it started small. All the big business of today would have followed the principles and practices of branding required for growth of business.

ShimBi MyBilling: Online Invoice App for SMEs & SMBs

Posted on 03-Jun-2013

MyBilling is built keeping in mind entrepreneurs without much accounting knowledge. It's simple and straightforward. No installation, no maintenance required,

Why Open Source Is Not Always Good

Posted on 30-May-2013

Let's see some of the Cons of Open Sources CMS and Pros of close sources CMS system like ShimBi CMS Budo.

ShimBi CMS Budo 4.3 Released

Posted on 12-Jun-2012

Your favourite website builder keeps getting better. Budo 4.3 features improved Calendar, Photo Gallery & News module with the colour theme, Newly animated header banners.

ShimBi CMS Budo Released!

Posted on 29-Sep-2011

After a little over a year of development, Shimbi Labs is proud to announce biggest software release ever to a Shimbi CMS. Shimbi CMS - Budo is out!

Open Source vs. Closed Source CMS

Posted on 28-Aug-2011

OMG, am I paying the right price for my website?

Posted on 14-May-2010

Going back in time, most of us, one day, wake up from nowhere with an idea of creating a website to represent business and end up building one, with some primitive information.

Is Email Marketing the right way of internet marketing?

Posted on 31-Oct-2009

94% of people who use the internet, use email. It means that even if they are not on social media, you can still reach out to the majority of people. If done right, email marketing is the most effective way to promote your business.

Shimbi CMS Carries The Motto “Fast and Simple.”

Posted on 27-Oct-2009

When it’s simple to do everything, you can do anything fast.

Shimbi CMS Options For Web Design

Posted on 26-Oct-2009

At the centre of most web design and development projects is Content Management Systems (CMS). Choosing a CMS for your custom website is not an easy task - there are 1000s of CMS available on the web, then why Shimbi CMS?

The Power Of Simple

Posted on 07-Mar-2009

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. See how this thought influenced the making of Shimbi CMS.

ShimBi Labs is now ShimBi Computing Laboratories Private Limited.

Posted on 27-Jun-2008

Its time to look forward, we are now ShimBi Computing Laboratories Private Limited.

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