Budo vs. WordPress vs. Wix: Everything you need to know

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Choosing the right website builder is a task. Choosing a website builder built for beginners is the way to go, and WordPress.com and Wix are the two most prominent players out there. But perhaps there is a better choice like Budo?

Of course, there's a lot to consider when you decide to have your website. The number one is if you wish to build your website by yourself or ask a web design company. Second, do you have a programming background or not? If not, you need a simple website builder, which allows you to build your website without any coding skills.


Once you determine that, you are ready to move in the right direction. Assuming that you decide to build your website yourself without coding skills and decided to go with the website builder.


Choosing the right website builder is a task. Choosing a website builder built for beginners is the way to go, and WordPress.com and Wix are the two most prominent players out there. So Wordpress.com decided to write this blog, that we'll cover their similarities and differences, to help you choose the best one for your purposes. We recommend you read the blog.


But, we think you should also continue reading this article


Budo vs. WordPress vs. Wix: Everything you need to know.

Here is our take on WordPress.com and Wix.


You know WordPress and Wix. Have you heard about Budo?

Wix is the most-advertised website builder. You've almost definitely seen an ad for Wix. And you will see it many more days after reading this blog because Google Ads will spay on you and let Wix know, so they will start Remarketing. Wix is that aggressive. 


According to WordPress.com, "WordPress, on the other hand, is the largest site building tool in the world. Over 50% of the top 100,000 websites use WordPress." It's right, we agree to it. 


Where is Budo? Compare with both, Budo is nowhere near. In fact, there is no comparison. We even don't want to compare or compete with them.


Then, what is Budo? And Why is it there?

Budo is an online website builder. We created Budo with one goal in mind: to help people get online without technical skills and a big budget. It is only for those who really need an effective and straightforward website that just works and can really be designed and managed even by your grandmother. 


We don't have thousands of features, AI Site Builder, Plugins, Market place, any fancy integrations. Budo is the simplest possible website builder, which just works. It creates a responsive website that works on all devices. 


Budo really helps you, yes, really helps you to build, update, and manage your website. You don't need any coding skills, any expert help. It just needs you to sit and start telling your story to your audience. 


Maybe you have not heard about Budo before or just ignored it earlier. This is because Budo was first built to manage Shimbi Labs website. Then, we use it for Shimbi Labs customers, and then they start spreading words, if not millions, thousands start using it. For a there simple yet effective website, which just works for their goals.


We don't do any Google Ads, and Budo is not an open-source project. Shimbi Labs is a small yet profitable private company that builds software for freelancers and small businesses. 


Freelancers and small businesses love Budo for its simplicity and no complications.


Ease of use: WordPress.com vs. Wix

Both website builders claim that they are easy to use for beginners, which is their main draw. With both WordPress.com and Wix, you don't have to handle coding, HTML, web hosting, or updates – ok. 


WordPress uses a template approach and needs some coding and CSS knowledge to get the best out of it. So it needs some learning curve and expert's help at a time. 


On the other hand, Wix has a lot to offer, Template, AI Builder, Drag, and drop editor. Again good, but for someone willing to explore, spend some time learning and getting things right. End up making it complicated to simply get started and publish the website the way small business owners post their content on Facebook or Instagram.


Does publishing a small business website need to be that complex? No, it did not need to be a that long process. 


Vs. Budo

Budo uses the simplest form to build a website. Budo uses predesigned blocks of layouts. Name the page, select various predesigned layout blocks as building blocks for your page design, with a simple text editor. Start adding content the way you add on Facebook or Instagram. It is that simple. 


Add text, images, photos, video, map, and more in these layouts. Change layouts any time, without losing content, move them around to give your website a unique look based on your needs. 


WordPress and Wix have thousands of templates for almost all business categories. Sure it gives a shortcut to the creative process of getting started on web design, but you almost end up in either of two situations. 


One, some template doesn't meet your branding goal, it means you need to edit it and make sure you get it right before publishing it. Not everyone can do it. So call the expert.


Second, in Wix, once you got everything right, your website start looking stunning; publish it. Next update, you wish to give your website a fresh look, but you can't change your template. You need to go back to zero and redesign everything. That sucks!


Thanks to Budo, that is not the case with a website build using Budo. You can rearrange layouts, add new ones, remove some anytime without losing any content. With the theme manager, change the entire website's color scheme or modify it for every component.  


Build ad-free sites with WordPress vs. Wix

Both Wix and WordPress.com remove their ads once you upgrade from the free plan to a paid one. With WordPress.com specifically, if you have the Business or eCommerce plan, you can also remove their branding from the footer.


Vs. Budo

Budo never puts any ads or any tracking software on your website. It's your website, not our canvas, to do put our ads. Footer branding is also optional. If you are proud to keep "Powered by Budo," you can keep it. It's up to you.


How to easily expand your site: WordPress vs. Wix

WordPress is the best platform for scale brands like Microsoft, CNN, and Spotify. On Wix, scaling is difficult, and moving out is the most challenging. 


Vs. Budo

First, Budo is not for scale. Budo is for a small and simple website. For example, Budo is for a photographer, artist, yoga teacher, musician, doctor, small business owner, and more. Budo provides everything you need to create your beautiful website. People from different types of businesses choose Budo to create a website, blog, or store. 


Budo publishes the website in HTML. If you decided to move on, you can simply export your HTML pages, CSS, and images and host them somewhere. It is your website; you have all rights.


Pricing: WordPress vs. Wix

Budget is a significant consideration when choosing a website builder, and you have to take everything into account.

WordPress.com offers a Free plan plus four different plans, starting from USD 48 to USD 300 annually.

Wix also offers a Free plan plus our different plans, starting from USD 168 to USD 468 annually.

More details you can find on their websites.


Vs. Budo

Budo offers two plans - a Free Plan and the Premium Plan at USD 59 annually. One single price for website, blog, and store. Unlimited Pages, Unlimited POP3 Email IDs, and 10 GB Space.


You can build a website up to five pages in a Free plan and keep it for a lifetime.


Support: WordPress vs. Wix

WordPress and Wix both provide SSL certificates and Support through chat or ticket. 


Vs. Budo

Budo's friendly support team provides support through email and through the remote desktop and skype. All Budo sites are secured with encryption and an SSL certificate. You can always backup your data and export HTML sites through your control panel.


Bandwidth: WordPress vs. Wix

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data required by a visitor to view your website. The more bandwidth your plan has, the more enjoyable and easy an experience the visitor will have. Don't confuse bandwidth with storage – they're two different things. Storage is how much content, like files and images, you can store on the server.


While WordPress provides unlimited bandwidth with all its plans, Wix has a limitation according to plans.


Vs. Budo

Budo also provides unlimited free bandwidth with both a free and premium plan. 


SEO: WordPress vs. Wix

Although Wix has built-in SEO functionality, it somehow lacks the most essential SEO feature: site speed. Do you think your users will tolerate a slow-loading site? With WordPress.com, you can always do something about improving your speed even further. WordPress has many advanced SEO features, which Budo too has.


Vs. Budo

Budo handles just about everything related to SEO, so you don't need to worry about it. When you create a website with Budo, it is already designed to optimize your search engine ranking. Premium plan has advanced SEO tools that let you what shows up on the search engine results page. 


Budo also automatically generates a sitemap and keeps it updated with your every change in website structure. Your website will also have meta tags that are already set, which will describe your website content to search engines.


Analytics: Wix vs. WordPress

Analytics lets you see how many people are heading over to your site, plus when they visit and where they're located.


WordPress and Wix websites have a built-in analytics feature ready for you. WordPress Business plan also gives you access to Google Analytics support. 


Vs. Budo

Budo is integrated with AWStats, the best open-source server-side stats software that provides you detailed states on all your visitors. All this by protecting their privacy. Further Budo Premium plan allows you to integrate Google Analytics too. The blog has its own inbuilt states to on a number of visitors and comments. 


Blogging Platform: WordPress vs. Wix

Blogging is something that many users want from their website builders. Budo, WordPress.com, and Wix website builders have blogging features – though one clearly outshines the others.


WordPress.com was practically built for bloggers, and it's the most used option for a blogging site – out of any builders, not just these three. And we agree with it. But still, word press seems complicated for many. It is difficult for them to go online and start blogging without support.


With Wix, you can add a blog to your site, and you can access basic blogging features, like archives, categories, and media. Wix does not have a built-in commenting system. It is a basic blogging platform.


Vs. Budo

Budo Blog is undoubtedly not as advanced as WordPress but features specific to blogging that WordPress users will love to include analytics, archive, categories, comments, search, and social bookmarking are also available on Buso Blog.


Advanced blogging options like choosing what to display on a blog post (date, author, blog category, tags, etc.), blog URL setting, and search by tags are available. 


The blog platform is available with the Budo Premium plan. With one click, activate it and start blogging. No configuration and selecting template is required. It just matches with your website theme and seamlessly works with your website. 


Finally, all Budo websites are fully responsive, which means they can be easily viewed and interacted with on any mobile device. Budo also takes care of web hosting, emails, and free updates to the software. 


While WordPress and Wix have hundreds of features and thousands of plugins and apps, it's up to you to decide do you really need them? At the cost of first buying a subscription and then hiring an expert or getting paid training to build and manage your website?


Or simply start your website with Budo today?

Budo, you don't need anything to install, configure, or learn. You don't need any coding skills, nor you need any expert to help you build your website on your do-it-yourself platform!


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