Top 6 Reasons To Use Branded Email

Posted on 29 Feb 2016 05:23 in Small Business Hacks
by ShimBi Labs

Email is the fastest mode of sharing sensitive information. It is a fact that a customer would trust rather than Your website domain name is your new online identity for your business.

The business world has taken a shift in the recent past, and the advertising seems to be more relies on an electronic medium. Now, it’s all about showbiz and newer methods to attract the customers. Examining the time people spend on the internet and how often they use email, emails seem to be a feasible, most convenient and fast method of advertising. Branded emails mean that the email created on own domain than generic free emails such as Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail also in the signature of email it consists of the company logo, links, taglines, etc. of the company to give the customers a look and feel of the company itself. A branded email is very useful to the corporations because:


Email is the most popular function on the SmartPhone, so lets call it what it is: A SmartMailer.


1. The first impression is the last impression
Branding the email will turn an email into corporate presentations. This is a rare opportunity. A person who is receiving the email for the first time, it will be his first impression which ought to be impressive to add to customers.


2. Shoulder to shoulder with technology
People are always online. They have smartphones with 24x7 internet connectivity, and their phones are synced to almost all the apps. They have instant access to their emails and social media. If mail sent to them is going to be delivered directly on mobile, it has much higher chances of being read and considered than distributing pamphlets or pasting posters. A person walking on the road or traveling in vehicles has his eyes on his smartphone and not outside the window. So, the chances of posters and hoardings being read are far less. If a branded email is sent to them, they can check out the link then and there only. Thus, raising the stakes of a branded email.


Email Marketing is it good way of Internet Marketing?


3. Building the trust
Email is the fastest mode of sharing sensitive information. It is a fact that a customer would trust rather than Your website domain name is your new online identity for your business. It is an important element of your brand. Having email id created on your domain for communication is far more effective than using Gmail or Hotmail.


4. Visually, inexpensive & fast 
Psychologically, visual articles have a larger impact on humans. Thus, emails containing the logo of the organization will be useful because slowly people will start recognizing the logo of your brand, which will help to create a brand image. Branded emails cost zero but very effective in reaching out directly to the consumer who wants to see it.


The Basics of Effective Email Marketing That Works!


5. Eradicating the conventional black and white
Without branding of the email, it will be just a black and white text in an email which is taken for granted and nobody cares to read it. Branding of the email can increase the number of readers if not buyers. The readers will eventually change to buyers.


Email has an ability many channels dont: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale


6. Direct contact with customers
A branded email is a  very effective method of direct advertising for small businesses. A well framed email can increase the success rate of sales for small business. By sharing the organization’s details in the email, it serves as a one to one interaction with customers, and they feel connected to the organization. They tend to form an emotional bond with the organization thus a possible chance of increasing the sales. The companies can maintain a constant contact with the customers by branded emails.


Tool to Send Promotional Emails


An email is not only cheaper but also saves time and paper. It has been ignored and taken for granted for a long time now. It is high time that we start utilizing the resources we have at our disposal. 


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By Arshdeep Kaur Gulati






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