ShimBi MyBilling: Online Invoice App for SMEs & SMBs

Posted on 03 Jun 2013 06:58 in Shimbi Labs Products
by ShimBi Labs

MyBilling is built keeping in mind entrepreneurs without much accounting knowledge. It's simple and straightforward. No installation, no maintenance required,

Shimbi Labs, Pune - Shimbi Labs today announced Shimbi MyBilling, an online Invoice application. MyBilling is an online invoice generation and tracking application for any businesses, who wish to cut down on paperwork, save cost and increase efficiency in the payment cycle.
MyBilling includes estimates, invoices and payment receipts; it also supports multi-currency, online payment options. MyBilling is useful for SME, SMB, consultants, individual professionals and freelancers. 
"MyBilling is built keeping in mind entrepreneurs without much accounting knowledge. It's simple and straightforward. No installation, no maintenance required," Siddharth Deshmukh, CEO, ShimBi Labs.
"We offer Budo CMS for web presence, ShimBi Cart as an e-commerce platform and now MyBilling for online invoicing. We will continue to build the best products for SME, SMB and individual professionals. We believe in simple, powerful, yet affordable products for your everyday business", Siddharth Deshmukh, CEO, Shimbi Labs.
Inside MyBilling
MyBilling is the easiest and simplest way to invoice your customers. MyBilling enables you to create, send and manage your invoices and payment receipts online. Through MyBilling you can also accept online payments.  Another unique feature of this application is its ability to let you create elegant looking estimates in minutes and convert them to invoice in just one click.

MyBilling helps you to get paid faster and on time!

Shimbi Labs has built a powerful online Invoicing application that offers a wealth of customizable features, yet remains easy to use. You and your customers can access it from anywhere, anytime through the internet.
Top Features
Generate Beautiful Invoices
Generate elegant invoices, send them by email, let the client download invoices as PDF or print them. All this in remarkably easiest fashion than you can imagine.
Multiple Payment Receipts For The Same Invoice
MyBilling allows you to accept partial payment against the single invoice. It supports multiple receipts for the same invoice. You just have to input the amount you received against any invoice and let the application do the calculations and handle the balance due.
Accept Online Payments
For faster payments, let your customers pay your invoices online as well as offline. With MyBilling, accepting online or offline payments from customers is very easy and entirely automated.
Automate Followups
Configure auto reminders as well as other followup emails and let the application do its job efficiently while you are focusing on new business opportunities.
Create Beautiful Estimates
Create and send impressive looking estimates online. MyBilling allows you to make incremental versions of your estimates as deals progress through negotiations. You may convert estimate or quote to invoice with one click.
MyBilling allows you to personalise the look and feel of the Estimate and Invoice templates to match it to your corporate style. You can upload your logo.
Organise Customer Information
Maintain your customer information easily in MyBilling. It comes handy during estimate or invoice creation.
Complete Payment History
MyBilling dashboard is full of important information and yet very clean. Go ahead and track all your invoices. Quickly see the ones that are paid and the ones that are still open. You can easily make out the daily weekly, quarterly and yearly status of invoices.
Multi-Users With Rights
MyBilling supports multiple users with different permissions and keeps track of user activities. This feature is handy particularly when you have a relatively large number of people in sales and accounts department.
Suitable For Most Of The Business
MyBilling is for everyone, be it small or medium-size businesses, family business, professional or freelancers and everyone who needs to invoice their customers.


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MyBilling is now available you can sign up from our homepage. With all new sign up, latest updates and support are always free.



Lastly, we’d like to take a moment to say thank you to all of our users and supporters for helping us make this release possible!


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