India GST Registration – Turnover Limit, Eligibility and Process

Posted on 13-Apr-2019

N No – 10/2019 has increased the limit for GST Registration to Rs. 40 Lakhs, In this article we are trying the analyse the GST registration provisions in the light of recent changes.

Why Excel is Unfit for Generating Invoices

Posted on 27-Aug-2017

In general Freelancers, Startups and Small Business tend to use Excel for their invoicing requirement. But these 10 points will prove you why Excel is wrong choice to create invoices.

ShimBi MyBilling in 20 Points

Posted on 25-Sep-2014

MyBilling is relatively new but already one of the finest invoicing software available in the market providing amazingly easy to use features to make your billing experience pleasant.

ShimBi MyBilling: Plans & Subscriptions

Posted on 08-Apr-2014

Here are some frequently asked questions about Shimbi Invoice (ShimBi MyBilling) Plans and Subscriptions.

ShimBi MyBilling Getting Started: I have few queries

Posted on 29-Mar-2014

Must read, before you start using ShimBi MyBilling online invoicing application.

Top 6 Reasons to Signup for ShimBi MyBilling

Posted on 12-Mar-2014

Because your hard work deserves payment on time. Shimbi MyBilling is now Shimbi Invoice.

ShimBi MyBilling: Online Invoice App for SMEs & SMBs

Posted on 03-Jun-2013

MyBilling is built keeping in mind entrepreneurs without much accounting knowledge. It's simple and straightforward. No installation, no maintenance required,

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