Goodbye, Google Analytics. We took one more step towards user privacy protection.

Posted on 12-Oct-2020

The last tracker was just removed from the Shimbi Labs website and blog.

About the future of Mikan CRM

Posted on 30-Sep-2020

We have important updates on the future of Mikan CRM.

What do I need to do as a successful remote leader?

Posted on 09-Apr-2020

In this live stream, Siddharth Deshmukh, CEO of Shimbi Labs, answered audience questions about how to adapt work from home quickly in this hour-long video, he goes into detail on a wide variety of topics.

How do you hire the best talent?

Posted on 06-Jan-2020

The best person is, first of all, impossible to measure, and with fleeting skills change over time, new people come around, and they are better for those technologies. You can't find the best people. In fact, they don't really exist.

The biggest lessons I learned since we become a fully remote company.

Posted on 30-Dec-2019

Here are some of my biggest lessons since we become a fully remote company. I wish to share the experience with you, my team at Shimbi Labs, and all other organizations that are planning to go remote.

Investing in things that matter.

Posted on 24-Dec-2019

Here is a letter from CEO to customers, shareholders, and the team at Shimbi Labs. In this letter, Siddharth Deshmukh discusses the philosophy of running shimbi labs and updates.

MyProject made our life and our customer's life easy and relaxed!

Posted on 18-Oct-2019

Today I wish to talk about the software that helped us to run all operations smoothly when we are seating on the same floor, and even now when we seat remotely.

What should we write on Shimbi Blog?

Posted on 18-Jul-2019

We are in the process of restructuring Shimbi Labs blog, not only design but content as well and here is what I think, what we should write.

Our romance with remote working

Posted on 29-Jun-2019

As we embarked on a journey to be remote working at Shimbi Labs, its just 3 months and we are enjoying it so much. 

At Shimbi Labs now everyone works from the location they choose. Join us, we are hiring!

Posted on 03-Jan-2019

At Shimbi Labs now everyone works from the location they choose. You will be invited to work wherever you're happiest and most productive. Learns how we work...

Building a culture of high standards is well worth the efforts.

Posted on 29-Dec-2018

Here is a letter from CEO to the team at Shimbi Labs. In this letter, Siddharth Deshmukh discusses the importance of the culture of high standards, why should we have, and steps required to maintain and continue to build it at Shimbi Labs.

How robust is your organization foundation?

Posted on 30-May-2018

Just imagine if you created a company on a foundation made of sand. You just hired people to fill available openings and instead taking time to find out if they were right for the position, or for the company.

Thanks for being a part of this wonderful journey

Posted on 30-Dec-2017

It is a time of the year to be with friends & family, experience the joy of reflecting on the passing year & thinking about the new year. It's time to bring & accept the change as we move ahead in our journey to make a positive difference in the world.

With a passion for brand building, the sky is the limit for Yogesh Bafna

Posted on 15-Oct-2017

Young, energetic and endlessly passionate entrepreneur Yogesh Bafna tells us a fascinating and inspiring story - in his words.

How individuals grow at Shimbi Labs, without becoming manager (because we don't have managers)

Posted on 13-Oct-2017

We think people who can work without the title “Manager” are real heroes. They don’t need a title to do a great job, they carry out their work and beyond because they love what they do.

Priyanka - Amiable; lovable, young architect who makes you happy with her creative designs

Posted on 28-Sep-2017

The inspiring unfolding story of a young architect, Whose imagination never stop and that reminds me this quote ““Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one.”

Inspiring entrepreneurial success stories

Posted on 22-Sep-2017

This blog is our humble endeavor to compile and narrate success stories of inspiring businesses to the world. I sincerely believe that every entrepreneur has a very inspiring story to tell and us to learn.

Shimbi Labs: The story behind our new logo

Posted on 05-Apr-2017

Every picture has a story, but when it is about a company logo, it has something much more profound and interesting than just an ordinary story. Siddharth Deshmukh founder and CEO of Shimbi Labs shares the fascinating journey of the new logo of Shimbi Labs

Working Holiday!

Posted on 24-Jan-2017

Taking time to reflect on what's most important to create ways to overcome difficult challenges is the goal of #WorkingHoliday at Shimbi Labs.

I wish you a beautiful, magical new year!

Posted on 28-Dec-2016

As we are reaching towards end of 2016, I wanted to send my best wishes to you and yours! I hope that 2017 holds success and good fortune in all your endeavour. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and your organization this year.

I Have Few Exciting Updates For You About Budo

Posted on 03-Aug-2016

Budo is a leading cloud-based web development platform created with one goal in mind: to help people get online without technical skills and a big budget. Budo is a Website Builder and Content Management System.

Excitement Of Making New Things Is Immense

Posted on 16-Apr-2016

Learning and experiencing the excitement of making new things is immense, and it's a significant step towards building a great career and innovating amazing products.

Wonderful 10 Years With Kailash!

Posted on 14-Mar-2016

Kailash, thank you for being a great friend and partner, and for everything you do to make the ShimBi Labs better place to work and deliver great pieces of software code.

Thanks For Another Wonderful Year!

Posted on 25-Dec-2015

2015 has been a memorable year for us. As the year wraps up, I’d like to thanks to everyone whom I worked with. Let me also convey my gratitude to all our esteemed customers, partners and resellers.

Thank You: Its ShimBi Labs 10th Anniversary

Posted on 12-Jun-2015

On the occasion of 10th Anniversary of ShimBi Labs, here is a message from our CEO.

We Are Hiring Fresh Graduates! But This Time Doing It Differently!

Posted on 12-May-2015

Every year during this time we hire fresh graduates at Shimbi Labs. But this year we decided to do it differently. We are hiring freshers WITHOUT INTERVIEWS! Read further to know more.

Good-bye, Adobe Flash. It's Time To Move On.

Posted on 30-Apr-2015

Today we are announcing the end of Flash support in CMS Budo. With this announcement, we will withdraw feature in CMS Budo that allows its users to upload Flash animation header for your website.

Why We Build Shimbi CMS?

Posted on 07-Feb-2015

Our vision is to help small business to grow beyond their physical boundaries, provide them with a creative tool to express themselves, and build a personal and professional brand.

Do The Things Differently, You Can Change The World

Posted on 02-Jan-2015

At ShimBi Labs, sometimes we innovate, but most of the time we do things differently with the hope to bring positive changes in the world around us.

The World Is Full Of Wonderful People.

Posted on 31-Dec-2014

A New Year message from ShimBi Labs CEO, Siddharth Deshmukh.

The List Of Books I Read In 2014

Posted on 23-Dec-2014

Here is the list of best books I read in 2014, most of them are related to business, but some are on other very interesting topics.

Customer is not a product! (Our Product Philosophy)

Posted on 11-Oct-2014

Siddharth Deshmukh, CEO, ShimBi Labs, discuss our product philosophy.

How We Funded and Developed Our Products Through Services (Bootstrapping)

Posted on 18-Mar-2014

On the web, you will find many articles on bootstrapping. But today I would like to share with you how we developed our two products Budo and MyBilling through Bootstrapping.

“ShimBi Labs”, the story behind the company name

Posted on 11-Oct-2013

Here is a story behind the company name and thinking process behind the name “ShimBi Labs”, by founder.

Steve Jobs: Here's to the crazy ones ...

Posted on 05-Oct-2013

Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently -- they're not fond of rules... You can quote them, disagree with them,

New Year Message

Posted on 01-Jan-2013

Let me first wish you and your family a Happy New Year. I sincerely hope that 2013 and years ahead bring you prosperity, good health and happiness.

Learn How to Build a Business Around ShimBi CMS Budo.

Posted on 30-Jul-2012

Are you a freelance website designer or a website designing company looking for a way to increase the efficiency of delivery of projects then this blog post is for you.

ShimBi Labs: Year Ahead

Posted on 02-Apr-2012

As promised in my New Year message, here I am to discuss the road ahead for Shimbi Labs.

New Year Message from CEO

Posted on 01-Jan-2012

Happy New Year and thank you very much for your support.

Customer - He Is Not Dependent On Us; We Depend On Him

Posted on 02-Oct-2011

Here is my message to my team at Shimbi Labs on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.

We Stand Strong With Japan In This Very Difficult Time

Posted on 16-Mar-2011

We all love Japanese national and we stands strong with them in this very difficult time.

Thanks and Happy New Year (Message from CEO)

Posted on 02-Jan-2011

I take this opportunity to give a BIG thanks to all our customers around the globe for your support and contribution to our business in 2010. It would not have been possible without your excellent support and confidence in us.

Welcome to ShimBi Labs Blog!

Posted on 12-Jun-2008

Welcome to ShimBi Labs official Blog. Through this blog, We would like to communicate with all our existing clients and prospects. We will discuss here ShimBi Labs, vision, product, services and some other topics.

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