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Posted on 02 Apr 2012 14:57 in Shimbi Insights
by Siddharth Deshmukh

As promised in my New Year message, here I am to discuss the road ahead for Shimbi Labs.

As promised in my New Year message, here I am to discuss the road ahead for Shimbi Labs.


Before moving ahead here are some updates, as we finished FY 2011-12, it's time to take a pause and reflect on the year passed by and then think about the year ahead and beyond. Last year we learnt many new things on the business side as well as on the technology front. The year 2011, the start was slow due to Tohoku Earthquake followed by Nuclear Disaster in Japan, but towards the end of FY 2011-12, we saw rapid growth in business from Japan. On the other side, we also saw customer base steadily growing in the home market, India. Continue business from Europe was another good thing. Overall business was balanced, and we saw some healthy growth. This is encouraging.


FY 2012-13 will be year focusing on some emerging Asian market such as Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia, along with already developed Hongkong and Singapore.


To make sure we remained focused, We at Shimbi Labs decided to revise and simplify our product lines and offerings. This change will allow us to refocus ourselves in developing innovative products with superb
user experience.


We are simplifying our products line to 4 products and 4 services.


The product line will include Budo, Shimbi Cart and 2 more innovative products, work in progress. Services include Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Social Networking Apps and Web Hosting.


On the other hand, there are few challenges to address. The most important is hiring new talent with the right attitude, which is most important for our long-term success. Other task includes scaling up our infrastructure and streamline admin side operations. One more task is building a dynamic Business Development team, at present, we all are engineers and wish to remain focused on our core talents.


The year 2012 is very special for us. We will be celebrating very special date 12-6-12, we are completing our seven years of Shimbi Lab's existence. It's an excellent opportunity to celebrate and share our experience with you. 


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