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Posted on 28 Sep 2017 14:51 in Inspiring Stories
by Siddharth Deshmukh

The inspiring unfolding story of a young architect, Whose imagination never stop and that reminds me this quote ““Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one.”

There are millions around the globe and at least a few hundreds we pass by each day or have known all our lives. Few captivate your imagination, inspires you and you feels like to know more about them. 


One such a person I had an opportunity to meet at Business Networking Organization, we exchanged greetings, and shared general information that you do at any such networking places. But there was something I felt about this young entrepreneur I thought worth knowing more. 


As the day passed, we became good friends, and I offer her to meet over coffee so that I can learn more about her entrepreneurial journey.


We settled around the coffee table (but without coffee though, the machine was broken! Well anyway we were more excited to talk so we just settled on something else). I guess this is how you would feel before a Tsunami- a total cluelessness about the huge wave that's going to hit you the next second... that is how I felt when we started talking. She is a bundle of boundless energy, enthusiasm, and sparks in her eyes.


Siddharth & Priyanka (Photo by Priyanka)


This Architect and Interior designer had an interesting teenage, and whatever follows. She managed to take me back when I was at the same age. Adventure, love for nature and trying everything new is common between us.


I immediately decided to include her story in our blog series "Inspiring Entrepreneurial Success Stories."


Here is Inspiring Unfolding Entrepreneurial Story of Priyanka Mangale.


Priyanka (Marathi Mulgi) a typical Marathi girl from typical Marathi community at Dombivali, surprised me with her journey from simple, shy, under confident girl to an avid solo Traveler and Trekker (Visited 6 Countries) and an Enfield Rider. 


Priyanka is trained Architect (B. Arch. Academy Of Architecture and MA. Arch. Sheffield University, UK), she also trained herself for a year in Theater and Fine Arts. I saw her fascinating imagination of using these art forms into her profession. While she was exploring her creative side as a teenager, she also struggled to even speak in English. Personal transformation is always interesting for me. And she is an excellent example of that.


One thing I liked about this young Architect is her clarity on what is a success for her - she wants herself to be referred and remembered for that Ultimate Creation by her, which she is passionately dreaming and working hard to realize it.


In her words, key to success is -

Being polite, being grounded, being honest and being fair can help you achieve any goal in life.


In my opinion word, “success” should be replaced by “achievement.” From what I have seen in my life, a “successful” entrepreneur is not necessarily one who is talented, creative and have sound technical knowledge to become successful! I have seen many just earning handsomely because of some other favorable factors. But no one remembers them for their work. Though its individual choice between only making money or focusing on doing outstanding work. I am glad this young lady decided later.



I think Achievements matters more than anything.


According to Priyanka, hard work is necessary, but that alone does not count. To achieve excellence in architecture, one must have fallen in love with Architecture. One must be highly creative, sound in technical knowledge, know what is down to earth and practical, know the construction process, understand the actual difficulties and most importantly, carry a good concept right through completion of the project without losing it.


Priyanka thinks Architecture is nothing but storytelling, the way any filmmaker creates the whole vision in front of mass, It’s the similar way Architects have the power to take world into any creative platform with the help of space stories.


"The world is very small, so if you want to practice good design, venture beyond your backyard." Lauren Rottet


Her suggestion to new Newly graduate Architect is to work with Boutique and small-scale Architectural firms, work there will give them huge exposure necessary to succeed in the profession.


Before Starting her partnership firm Kaladalan Studios in 2014, she worked for 3 years with different Architecture Houses like MNC DAR, Al Handasah, Ranjit Sinh Associates (RSA), ND Studio and Mandviwala-Qutub and Associates (MQA).


"I have been awarded as Best Architect in 2008 at MQA."



For Priyanka to stay ahead in tread in constantly changing the technological world just being original concept is not enough. One must keep on learning new things by constantly updating knowledge through attending networking meetups, seminars, webinars, information gathered from the internet is necessary. The day one loses curiosity and stops learning further progress stops.


Today at Kaladalan Studios she and her college friend Reena Gaikwad have done several artistic and interesting projects.

Here are some of her best projects -


While talking with Priyanka I realized young and very creative  Architects like her love design, but they often struggle with business tasks like HR, marketing, sales and public relations. While they love working, they don’t know how to find clients, manage payroll and navigate the bidding process. She also candidly confessed the same.


But challenges like above, don't stop Priyanka from dreaming of having her Art Space, where anyone can practice any art form and design a signature Nature Resort.


This beautiful young shy lady from Dombivali, grown into diverse personality with varied interests like traveling, trekking in Sanhyadris along with Himalayan ranges and adventure sports, and swimming. And that is not all she is also a trained Bharatnatyam Dancer and presently learning Kathak. She also played Basketball at State level.



What is more? A Doodle/Graffiti Artist and a Photographer!


How you don't want such person to design your home or workplace? At least I am waiting for an opportunity when I shift my office in the new location.


About Kaladalan Studios

'KALADALAN STUDIOS' meaning 'House of Art,' distinguished by diversity & spirit of designers on a common platform was established in 2014. It’s an architecture firm providing an amalgamation of Technology and Art.


Being an open studio, Architecture, Interiors, Branding, Art Illustrations, Landscape design are the services we provide under one roof.


The Firm aspires ‘To dream’ ‘To create’ ‘To Inspire’ and convert new ideas, concepts & techniques into the insightful depth of design. We try and incorporate various flavors of different cultures in our work to create designs not only on a materialistic but also on an emotional plane, thus creating drama within.


In the course of 3 years time, we have designed some benchmark architecture and interior projects and added value of great design and placemaking, along with some landscape and branding projects related to the same. We have even worked on art décor at music festivals in collaboration with other design teams for the execution, which has led us being experimental and flexible with the reusable material. VH1 Supersonic Festival, Nariyal Paani Festival are few of them.


After the 3 years of brainstorming related to design now, Kaladalan Studios LLP is set to enter in the execution world of construction. We are at present working on palatial mansions, resorts and some creative origami structures pan India. These would be our signature works for the future.


At Kaladalan Studios, we ensure that the design and execution of any project either it is 300 sq.ft area or 20-acre land every space, every element, every material will do justice to aesthetics and experience.


Get in touch with Priyanka Mangale.
Kaladalan Studios - Facebook Page | Website


Information is purely based on interview contents, we at ShimBi Labs done best to verify all information provided, but we can not guarantee the accuracy of all contents.


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