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Posted on 15 Apr 2021 09:00 in Shimbi Labs Products
by Siddharth Deshmukh

Today we are announcing SchoolBook, our new product.The simplest school management software for all types of educational institutes. SchoolBook by Shimbi Labs is modern and easy to use school management software for educational institutes and schools...

Today we are announcing SchoolBook, our new product.
The simplest school management software for all types of educational institutes. 


SchoolBook by Shimbi Labs is modern and easy to use school management software for educational institutes and schools. It helps schools of any size to manage students, teachers, courses, and academic programs on the web and mobile apps. 


Managing a school of any size is a complicated task. The school's administration manages this task. It handles all the financial, administrative, and day-to-day tasks so that the school functions smoothly. 


The administration has to coordinate with the different departments of the school. It includes the school board, the principals, the chief administrator, and other concerned personnel. The tasks are time-consuming and difficult.


In 2010 a small private tuition class approached us to build a Student Management System to track their fees and classes. In 2015, Mathews Academy & Junior College requested us to expand on Student Management System to School Management Software, managing and monitoring all school functions using cloud software. 


After hard work of a year, we launched the first version of SchoolBook in 2016. Since then, every day, we have worked closely with two more schools. And after a ton of backbreaking work and lots of debates and decisions, we're thrilled to share with you SchoolBook for all types of educational institutes to manage their operations. 


Let's dive into how SchoolBook will make the work of any educational institute administration easier.


Student management
Firstly, it organizes the student dictionary. This means it maintains all students' personal information such as photo, date of birth, address, parent's information, and contact number. It also records the student's marks and creates an academic profile of all students. This way, the teachers and parents can keep track of the progress of the child.


All this information is saved with the highest level of safety and encryption on world-class servers. Hence, it avoids breach of the student's personal information, and the administrator can quickly locate any student's information as and when required.


Managing the school's programs 
It can get complicated managing several academic programs. Students and teachers might get confused with the academic courses offered and might unnecessarily ask questions during or even after their admission. 


This increases the work of the people sitting in the school's admin office. Instead of this, SchoolBook provides software where you can set up your school's academic programs and courses. You can segregate which subjects are mandatory and which are electives. 


Managing the daily school routine
SchoolBook helps you organize your daily school timetable. Now you can define the daily schedule and details such as the teacher's name, classroom number, and students list.


As schools have online classes right now, you can provide links to the respective courses. This way, no students will miss out on classes due to incorrect links and other problems. 


Fees and financial management
With SchoolBook's Fees Management System, the process collection of fees is ten times easier. The school's administration can make their fee structure with various categories such as Tuition fee, Development fee, Computer fee, Bus fee, and others as per the requirement. 


You can also maintain a record of the fees paid by the students. Even if they pay the fees online or offline, SchoolBook maintains a record of who has paid and who hasn't. 


This will create a clear picture of the dues and the school's financial standing.


HR Management
Recruiting teachers and other staff is a major task. SchoolBook can help in doing that too. You can put up guidelines and government employment rules so that interested people can apply after knowing all the criteria. 


You can also set up all the staff's salaries, daily attendance, appraisals, and training. This way, you can keep track of everything in one place rather than having separate software for each. 


Every month, the salaries will automatically get transferred to the respective bank accounts, and there will be no delay in the payment.


Bus routes
Many schools have many school buses, and it gets challenging to organize bus routes. Ensuring the safety of the students during traveling is the utmost priority of the management. 


SchoolBook organizes all the bus routes and provides live tracking of the buses. This way, the parents also ensure that their child is being dropped at school and when they will return home.


It also assigns buses to the children according to the location of their homes. SchoolBook simply does the entire job of bus route management. 


Enrollment History
SchoolBook helps keep a record of the students who have been enrolled in different classes every year in the school. It also organizes the number of students who have either passed out or left the school. 


SchoolBook also prepares the academic history of the students. Hence, when the students pass out, he/she can see the entire progress of themselves during the past years.


Document organizing
Apart from all this, the administration has much other paperwork. It has to take care of the government taxes, school's paperwork, student's paperwork, etc. SchoolBook organizes all these documents. So that anytime you need a document, you can easily find it.


Rather than wasting hours, one search and the document is right in front of you.


These are some of the ways SchoolBook will make your job easier. It is different and modern than any other school management system available in the market.


Want to try it out for yourself?
Contact us for a Free Trial and see for yourself! 


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