We Are Hiring Fresh Graduates! But This Time Doing It Differently!

Posted on 12 May 2015 09:00 in Shimbi Insights
by Siddharth Deshmukh

Every year during this time we hire fresh graduates at Shimbi Labs. But this year we decided to do it differently. We are hiring freshers WITHOUT INTERVIEWS! Read further to know more.

We are hiring freshers, without any test or interviews, Seriously!


Yes ! And we are firm on this. No kidding, no hidden conditions !!!


At Shimbi we always believe that creativity can do miracles, and a fresh mind is the best place where creativity can take place. Every year around this time, we invite new graduates to work with us. Develop skills and get hands-on experience while working on some the amazing products. Create something wonderful that everyone will love.


Here is your opportunity to do something different, exciting, innovative and worth learning at the beginning of your career.


“Shimbi Labs is hiring freshers, but this time differently!" https://ctt.ec/LHJ0E+ - tweet this.


We are simply doing away with the conventional, boring and scary method of hiring people through interviews and test. So what are we doing? Read on; you will not regret.


Are you a fresh graduate with big dreams, but confused where to start your career?


Are you an aspirant to make a rocking career in IT?


Are you a creative mind, who is always in the quest of new challenges? Are you an explorer who wanders through the tech-jungle to find out new trends and incredible things happening around you?


Do you dare to challenge the existing systems? Take the technologies to a new level to change the world. The round peg in the square hole, the one who see things differently.


Then this opportunity is for you. We are looking for you.


Shimbi Labs is hiring freshers, without traditional interviews


Little or No Experience? - you are most welcome!


Exactly opposite to the industry, where every company is running after hiring people with 10 pages resume - often misinterpreted as ‘top talent’- at Shimbi Labs, we know that the best ideas come from a fresh mind. A mind that is not yet biased about anything. A pure mind that is not yet limited to the pre-defined set of rules and procedures.


So if you have as little as 6 months to absolutely no experience (a fresher with 0-6 months experience, how they say it otherwise), you are most welcome.


Shimbi Labs is looking for creative and innovative talent. Just walk-in, share your ideas, and if we are on the same page as we are, you can start working immediately. No resumes, no big HR interviews!


The reason? We like experiments. Innovation is our culture!  So we are trying a different mode of recruiting people; the one we find more reliable and productive!


No Interviews, No Tests! Then What?


All we want you to have is a burning desire to learn new things quickly and work hard. Just come and tell us what you can do, and prove it that you can do it. That's all!


So does that means, we just walk-in and start working?


Nop! Certainly not.


After interviewing thousands of people for over a decade in our journey, we found that it is impossible to find out all the qualities in a person in a 30 minutes interview and few technical test. Often, it takes longer to realize what qualities one can bring to table.


But it is even crucial for the company to find out - beyond technical skills, if you are culture fit and values fit. We must match your dreams, aspirations and goals with ours.


The success of an organization is achieved when the personal goals of individuals are in alignment with the organization’s goal.


So we thought, why not ask you what you love? What are your goals and dreams? How would you want to grow with us? What is that you really want to build? What problem do you want to solve? What is that you want to create, to make the world little better?


The process of getting hired -


The process is going to be simple and straightforward.


You will have a meeting - an exploring session, where our creative team leaders and CEO himself will listen to your ideas, your aspirations and the amazingly beautiful things that you want to build.


Shimbi Labs will provide you resources and a timeline of 3 months. During these three months, you are expected to work on a product or a project or a business problem. Senior will mentor you and your peers will help you to build your dream project. (and we expect you assist them to build theirs too, of course!) With a periodic review from all and time-to-time discussions about the progress, you will present the final product at the end of 3 months.  


You get to work on something amazing while gaining a great experience working with a creative and experienced team, and we get a next talented teammate. We both win.


Well, we do not have hundreds of seats available.


You really have to be innovative to crack this, and your dreams should be bigger than the mediocre, looking beyond the short-term gains.


Are you eligible?

Self-check before you apply:

  • Any graduate or professional diploma.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Ready to prove the talent, before asking money
  • Having your laptop is a plus but not must.
  • Ready to sweat, we like hard working people.


Will I get paid?

No, you will not. It’s not that we don't want to pay you. But we think first 3 months of your career should be focused on learning and developing skills. Once you learn to work for your dream, money will follow.


However, we will pay a stipend, which will able to cover your commuting expenses.


If you succeed on your demo day, you are hired with us with handsome starting salary.


We have limited seats available. Click here to know more about the job vacancies at Shimbi labs.


So, what are you waiting for?

What is next? If you have decided to take a plunge into a creative and lively workplace, then apply for our Fresh Graduate Program.


Our team is always charged up to welcome you, accommodate you and help you achieve your dreams. When you work here, you will do something exciting, different and worth learning.


Apply now! We will get in touch with you for further details. Do share it with your friends who might be interested in working with us.


Also, if you liked this new method of hiring, like it, share it on social media and also comment below.


About the author

Siddharth Deshmukh     
Founder and CEO of ShimBi Labs. Working with Small Businesses and creatively solving their real business problems using technology is my passion. Love #Startups.

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