May your new year be productive and successful.

Posted on 04 Jan 2023 16:19 in Shimbi Insights
by Siddharth Deshmukh

New Year Greetings!
May your new year be productive and successful.


The year that has passed (2022) was one of reconciliation, regrouping, and reconnecting with ourselves and the year we recommit ourselves to a brighter future. We spent most of our time asking ourselves fundamental questions such as: 

  • Who are we? 
  • What is our purpose? 
  • What is our future vision? 


Sometimes we need to take a break, pause and reconnect with ourselves within our core. As individuals and as an organization, we spent a lot of time pondering these questions.


We believe in living a simple life, less is more, staying flexible, changing and adapting with time, and resilience is key to success. Throughout the pandemic's peak and aftermath, our team stayed strong. So as many small yet amazing businesses like yours did the same. 


That is why we love Small Businesses.


Shimbi Labs and ASK4Host together are 22 years and running. We've kept our company small, sharp, and profitable — on purpose. Because small is not less than. It's greater than. It's faster than. It's friendlier than. It's better than.


Our favorite customers are small and medium-sized businesses, freelancers, the creative shops that do the best work, not the most work.


Shimbi Labs products such as Invoice, Budo (Website Builder), and Ninjin (Store Builder) now powers thousands of businesses worldwide. They are a simple yet powerful product that serves as a lifeline for many businesses. 


Purchasing Shimbi Labs products is an investment in yourself, your team, and your business. We'll show them what small can accomplish, with you in the foreground and us in the background.


Our mission is to impact and transform many more lives. We engage for their better future. 


Once again wish you a happy new year.
Let's build a stronger future for us.


Siddharth Deshmukh
CEO, Shimbi Labs

About the author

Siddharth Deshmukh     
Founder and CEO of ShimBi Labs. Working with Small Businesses and creatively solving their real business problems using technology is my passion. Love #Startups.

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