7 Reasons you need auto invoice generator for your small business or startup

Posted on 21 Jun 2016 13:10 in Small Business Hacks
by Harish Rajora

Automated invoice generator is the most disciplined and the most sincere employee that any firm can get for creating the invoices.

* Shimbi MyBilling is now Shimbi Invoice


The purpose of Automation is always to improve efficiency and reduce common human errors. Well, that is why someone invented automated invoice systems to have his time saved to focus and invest that time on other things important things. Invoices have taken different shapes as time has passed, and the need for automated invoice generators have increased. This blog introduces various aspects of using an automated invoice generators.


1. Time Saver
"Time is money" said by Benjamin Franklin is indeed true. It is foolish to waste time on the things which can be automated and done in less time with higher accuracy. The time saved can be invested in doing much productive work, and that is what every business wants. If a business owner starts writing invoicing manually then surely a lot of time is wasted.  The Same task can be automated using online invoicing software like MyNilling. MyBilling can generate recurring invoicing automatically and in intervals you set. It does this job in seconds, just create template invoice and set intervals.


2. Auto Reminders
This is a most important feature of the online invoicing software. Generating invoice is one thing, ensuring all generated invoices are paid on time is another. Getting paid on time is most crucial for any business, especial for startups and small business. 


To get paid on time it is necessary to follow up with your customer in a polite way but consistently. Setting automated reminders at proper intervals can make a difference. MyBilling provide advance settings to let the software do this important task for you.


3. Multiple Invoice Designs
The design of the invoice is something that creates an impression on the customer. Every firm spends quite some money and time to have a beautiful invoice designed for them. Automated invoice generators consist of many designs templates which are inbuilt and available for your selection. The experts build these designs, so you do not have to spend your time creating your own. But still if you want to have your own Invoice template you can easily design and set as the default template. This templates can be then used automatically to generate invoices. You can even select multiple templates for different clients by region or services you offer. 


4. Blessing For New Businesses
Automated invoice generators are a blessing for the people who are new to the field of business and wants to test the waters in business. One wrong step can shut down their business within the blink of an eye. Since invoice is a very integral part of any business, every new business person focuses on making their invoices accurate, informative and beautiful. For this, first, they have to study the different invoices from various firms and read about invoice generation. However, they can save so much of hard work and time by just subscribing to online invoicing software like MyBiling. Since these software's are developed by experts who already know much about invoices, startups can completely rely on them and save their hard work. The mantra to succeed in today's world is to work smart, not to work hard.


5. Reduce Errors
Humans are prone to make mistakes. And those are typical small mistakes. Becuase we always pay attention to big mistakes and leave small errors to pass through. Those little mistakes on invoice such as dates, spellings can cause great harms. 


Software on the other hand never makes any mistakes. It never does any carelessness. Using automated invoice generator reduces the error probability to zero and make your invoice error free. That's the biggest advantage of using Invoicing Application and automating the process as much as possible.


6. PDF and Excel
While manually creating invoice is a time-consuming task, the same time would be consumed entering the data into the excel sheets for every customer and creating a pdf file for such invoices. What if all this work could be done simultaneously while creating the invoices? Yes, that is possible by automated invoice generators. Automated invoice generators have features installed such as creating an excel sheet for every customer or creating a pdf file along with the creation of invoices. Those pdf files can also be used to send to the clients or save for record. This is a very handy feature and cannot be compared to manual invoice writing or creating manually on the computer.


7. Informative Graphs
Graphs and pie charts have always been a great source of information within a small area and comprehensive information. For example, how much was your this quarter earning as compared to last year? All such crucial information can be made available in simple to understand colourful graphs. Automated invoice generators can create a dashboard which contains graphs and pie charts for all important numbers. These graphs are catchy and can show an enormous amount of information in a very short space. 


Automated invoice generator is the most disciplined and the most sincere employee that any firm can get for creating the invoices. It works without any margin of error and has a lot of features that can be used to create something that could not have been set up by any person himself. Invoice is a lot more than a word. It has too much responsibility on it. A wrong invoice can make a bad impression on the customer, and nobody wants to see this happening. An invoice shows who you are. It maintains the cash flow in your business and the most important thing; it helps you achieve your lifelong dream.


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