Advantages of online invoicing software?

Posted on 16 Feb 2014 11:30 in Small Business Hacks
by ShimBi Labs

Why small business owners and freelancers are rapidly switching to online invoicing solutions.

Here are some significant advantages of online invoicing :

  1. One of most the important reason is you can create and manage your invoices from wherever you are.
  2. Second important reason is no need to buy lessons software and manage it.
  3. Nothing to install on your local machine, so even if your machine crash your data is safe.
  4. Your data is always safe in cloud at world class Data centers. Data is regularly backed up for you.
  5. Online invoicing software with SaaS model such as ShimBi Invoice allows you to signup for free and upgrade as per your requirement.
  6. Online invoicing software like ShimBi Invoice, offer unlimited estimates, invoices and receipts per client. That’s a great value for your money.
  7. You can create and manage your invoices with almost any device that has an internet access. Computers, laptops, Tabs and mobile.
  8. Customer can check payment history of their dashboard and download your Invoice as a PDF file and print it.
  9. You can send your invoice online via Email. Set automatic reminders for overdue invoices.
  10. Get paid faster and on time with online payment gateways. Also provide the option for traditional payment methods.

No installation. No maintenance. Nothing to lose.
Due to some of the above reasons small business owners and freelancers are rapidly switching to online invoicing solutions. How about you?


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jyoti  says:

Awesome!at a time I didn’t know anything about online invoicing, business billing and invoice management. But now I feel its a hasselfree task and now i love to do it.

Mike  says:

Thanks, for this list of advantages of online invoicing. 

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