Our answers to myths about online invoicing

Posted on 13 Nov 2014 17:28 in Small Business Hacks
by ShimBi Labs

Many people are skeptical or cautious and still prefer creating hand-made invoices using paper. We decided to interview 100 + people and finding was people have some myths about online invoicing.

Online Billing sometimes also referred as eBilling is currently a popular option to deliver Bills or Invoices.  Paper bills are replaced by electronic bills by many organizations. Many organization are even taking further steps and providing one click button to pay these Invoices or Bills online by Credit/Debit Cards and Net Banking.


But on the other side many people are skeptical or cautious and still prefer creating hand-made invoices using paper. We decided to interview 100 + people and our finding was people have some myths about online invoicing.


So, we decided to answer such myths through this blog post.


1. It’s not secure
This is the biggest myth about online invoicing. We know it takes some time to adopt new things, but aren't we using online banking extensively? Good online invoicing system is as secured as online banking sites. Minimum risk remains, but that is an offline world too.


2. My clients do not like it
Honestly this is a poor excuse to shy away. These same set of people accept online bills from utility companies such as phone bills, power bills, etc. and many of us paying them through online payment systems. Beautifully designed, error free invoice is what people love to receive and pay it efficiently using Credit or Debit cards.


3. A paper invoicing is hassle free and is cheaper
Seriously, you think it’s true? With paper option, you are not only using papers, but a printer as well, postage charges are additional. It can’t be cost-effective. With online invoicing, just press of a button you can send your invoice via email in addition send SMS alert on customer mobile. Not only that but customer has his dashboard to check payment history and consolidate his accounts.


4. Complicated to use
Many people thinks software means complicated to use and require hardware too. Further pay costly license fees, keep it virus free. But that is not true in the case of an online invoice. SaaS (Software as a Service) model made it all very simple, everything is on secured cloud servers. Nothing to install and manage. Just pay small monthly subscription fees for the use of software. You can access the software through browser so even if your machine crash; simply access it from a different machine. Your data is always safe.


5. We use Excel
Well, we never heard from the developer of excel that it is an invoicing software. Excel is spreadsheet application and mostly use for data analysis or making lists and charts. Sure you can use it for invoicing it also but it's not efficient and error-free way to create and send invoices.


6. No Return On Investment (ROI)
We think you are thinking in very wrong directions. As mentioned in the above point, there is nothing to install, no new hardware required. No costly license fees and renewal fees. It's just a small monthly subscription. For your client, its an easy option to check invoice and pay them online. Payment on time is a biggest ROI you can think of.


We understand its quite natural for companies to take some time before switching to online invoicing. However, don't be too late, your competitors are already adopting it.


It is very easy to get started, simply search for online invoicing softwares. For example Shimbi Invoice, sign up for a free account, use it, experience it and show it to your client. Once you think it is best fit for your business upgrade to a bigger plan.


Shimbi Invoice is ideal for freelancers, professional, small businesses and start-ups. ShimBi MyBilling helps you to send professionals invoices and get paid faster.


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