Online Billing Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on 04 Sep 2013 10:33 in Small Business Hacks
by ShimBi Labs

Are you thinking to shift to online or electronic billing system? Then these frequently ask question may help in your decision making

Shimbi MyBilling is now Shimbi Invoice.


Q: What is Online Billing or Electronic Invoicing?
A: Online invoicing is the easiest & simplest way to invoice your customers. Create, send and manage your invoices & receipts online. Accept online & offline payments from customers. Not only this, but you can also create elegant-looking estimates and Quotes in minutes and convert them to invoice in one click.

One such example of online invoicing is Shimbi MyBilling.


Q: Why are companies considering Online Billing or electronic invoicing?
A: Online or electronic invoicing eliminates costly paper processing expenses, reduces work, and facilitates timely invoice payment.


Q: What are the benefits of Online Billing?
A: Following are a few top advantages of using online billing Systems -

• Smarter invoicing
• Access Anytime, Anywhere
• Powerful reports
• Get paid online & offline
• Your data is always safe
• Take total control


Q: What are the benefits to my company?
A: Benefits include viewing purchase orders, invoices, credit memos, and payments data 24/7. You can easily submit invoices that meet companies' requirements and get paid faster. Plus, you can get questions answered quickly.


Q: How are payment terms affected?
A: Payment terms are not affected by online or electronic invoicing. Invoices are paid faster since mail processing time is eliminated.


Q: How much does it cost?
A: In most of the cases, very low! Many of these services are available in SaaS (Software as a Service) form. You pay as you use. Shimbi MyBilling offers a basic account free for life; you can add up to 1 user and five clients.


Q: Who can use online billing or electronic invoicing?
A: Anyone! Whether small or medium-sized businesses, family businesses, professional or freelancers, everyone needs to invoice their customers, and online invoicing is the easiest way to do that.


Q: What is the required area of expertise for using online or electronic Invoicing?
A: Usually, these online invoicing systems are built for people with basic computer skills and general accounting knowledge. They are easy to use.


Q: Can we generate unlimited invoices and receipts?
A: Depending on your plan, you can generate many Invoices. Shimbi MyBilling will allow unlimited customers, estimates, invoices, and receipts with its top plan.


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