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Posted on 29 Sep 2011 16:35 in Shimbi Labs Products
by ShimBi Labs

After a little over a year of development, Shimbi Labs is proud to announce biggest software release ever to a Shimbi CMS. Shimbi CMS - Budo is out!

We’re proud to announce the release of a major update to Shimbi CMS, and we named it as Budo. (Shimbi CMS Version 4.0).


Budo is the newest version of Shimbi CMS.
Budo is a leading cloud-based web development platform created with one goal in mind: to help people get online without technical skills and a big budget. Budo is a Website Builder and Content Management System. 


Budo is a Website Builder and Content Management System. It has everything that you would need to create your online presence be it a website or blog. Design your beautiful website precisely the way you want.


This release brings you even more Simple, Powerful and Affordable way to build your website than previous versions.


Simple to use. No Learning required!
Our powerful technology makes it simple for everyone to go online with a beautiful, professional and functional web presence. No creative limits, no coding – just complete freedom to express yourself and manage your entire business online.


Budo is for everyone because everyone needs a website.
Budo has something for everyone, so whether you’re a doctor, photographer, musician, small business owner, school, Budo provides everything you need to create your stunningly beautiful website. Build a website or blog and promote it with the inbuilt social dashboard.


Creating your original website is easy with Budo.
Create the original website that reflects you or your brand. Everything in Budo is designed to be simple and intuitive. Of course, to make amazing things simple requires some seriously advanced technologies, and Budo is full of them. Budo provides you with exceptional stability; it also delivers incredible performance. Using Budo is as easy as Facebook.


With Budo, you can update your website anytime from anywhere.
Budo is a cloud-based application, no need to install any software on your machine. Budo provides you complete Freedom to update your website from anywhere, at any time and unlimited times without any additional charges. With Budo, you can publish your site in any language.


Budo comes with a hassle-free package: Domain Name, Web Hosting, email ids and much more.
Budo is a complete package which includes the Domain Name, Web Hosting, Website Builder, Blog, E-mails, SEO Booster and Social Media Platform. It has everything you need to start and expand your online presence. Budo has everything you will ever need to build your online presence in one place, so you get a fully integrated system in which everything works together seamlessly.


Go Global, Publish in any language.
With Budo, publish your website in any language. Built-in text encoding technology allows you to publish your website in all major languages.


Create a Mobile website to reach more customers
Web traffic from mobile devices has more than doubled in recent years. When you are using Budo to create your website, it automatically creates a mobile-friendly version of your website. It ensures that your visitors have a high-quality experience whether they are coming from a phone, tablet or desktop.


Budo comes with Amazing apps to grow your business.
Budo comes with an incredible collection of powerful productivity and creativity apps: Photos, News, Calendar, Forms, Maps, and eDistribution. Every version brings new apps to help grow your business online. 


100% Secured. We know you trust us.
Budo is engineered with advanced technologies that are always working together to keep your website safe. The best way to keep your site secure is to keep Budo software up to date. Moreover, we do it automatically without the need for you to update it manually. We notify you once your Budo website is updated. Budo upgrades are free, so it’s easy to keep your website safe with the latest security features and enhancements.


See all features of Budo


Budo is now available you can sign up from our homepage. With all new sign up, latest updates and support are always free.



Lastly, we’d like to take a moment to say thank you to all of our users and supporters for helping us make this release possible!


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