Happy birthday, Bhavana!


Posted on 16 Oct 2019 19:18 in Shimbi Insights by ShimBi Labs

Every day is a celebration day in life - this is the philosophy we believe at Shimbi Labs, and we love to party for everything. Happy engineers can create excellent software to make customers happy!

Yesterday was a special day!


It was a birthday party for Bhavana, our senior-most Project Leader at Shimbi Labs. 

On a beautiful sunny afternoon, after lots of rain this year in Pune, the choice for lunch was a barbeque, though Bhavana is a strict vegetarian!

That's the fun in India you can get almost any food in a vegetarian version.

Veg & sweets at BBQ!

Thats what we eat!

Our photographer asked us to stop eating and look at him!

A small Shimbi Labs team which is present in Pune.
We are remote company and most of team members dont live in Pune

Bhavana joined Shimbi Labs in 2011 as a Jr. Developer, and with her hard work, she climbed up the ladder. Today she is one of the influential but very humble people of Shimbi Core Team.


She is the most popular and favourite of our Japanese clients because of her pleasant yet focused personality.


We are fortunate to have many such female leaders in tech at Shimbi Labs. They bring different perspective and strength to the team.


Happy birthday, Bhavana!


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