Shimbi MyBilling: Sign Up in 30 Seconds. No credit card required.


Posted on 05 Aug 2014 16:11 in Shimbi Labs Products by ShimBi Labs

A step towards making things simpler and efficient. We feel hugely excited when we work on user feedbacks... Now Sign Up for Shimbi MyBilling in 30 Seconds.

A step towards making things simpler and efficient.


Every day we make so many updates to Shimbi MyBilling some are major updates and others are minor bug fixes, but we feel hugely excited when we work on user feedbacks. One such feedback was can we make signup process for MyBilling simpler and shorter. Yes, we can! That was the answer from us. And here is our first step.


We made a signup form simpler with fewer input fields.


Before After


We got rid of Contact Number and Country drop down for signup form, now only three fields to fill in:

  1. Name - we need to know who you are.
  2. Email - will be used as your user id and you will receive all important system alerts here.
  3. Billing Desk Name - this where we will host your account and data. It will also be URL for your Billing Desk.


It's simple to signup quickly without a credit card!


We listen to you. Please tell us what you think or need.

We would like to say thank you to all of our users and supporters for using Shimbi Invoice. Help us improve Shimbi Invoice, provide your feedback, suggestions, and comments below.


Note: Shimbi MyBilling is now Shimbi Invoice. Shimbi Invoice is simplest invoicing online software. Now also India GST Compliant.



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