Is Email Marketing the right way of internet marketing?


Posted on 31 Oct 2009 16:38 in Small Business Hacks by ShimBi Labs

94% of people who use the internet, use email. It means that even if they are not on social media, you can still reach out to the majority of people. If done right, email marketing is the most effective way to promote your business.

By Viktor Hanacek

When you hear the term “Email Marketing“, what do you think of?
For many, this means spamming, but that is not true if great care is taken then sender and recipient both can have win-win situation.


Let's discuss on how to do positive email marketing.


Our best payoff has always come by focusing on permission-based email marketing. Permission-based email marketing refers to the practice of collecting email addresses from a website visitors, blog visitors and some times while exchanging your business card (ask if they mind receiving your email offer) and communicating with them via e-mail with their direct consent.


The “permission” aspect of permission-based email marketing is what separates legitimate email marketers from the spammers that everyone despises.


Email Marketing works very well if it is done with sincere efforts and intentions. Email marketing has been much like a never-ending goldmine: It enables us to produce income on demand simply by sending a good offer to our list. When you have thousands of loyal subscribers - as we do - and you put a strong and compatible offer in front of them, income becomes nearly automatic.


However, the key to successful of email marketing is the development of a legitimate trust relationship with your subscribers. If you opt to send your subscribers a request for purchases every single day, they will likely tire of your badgering and cease reading your emails altogether.


Alternatively, if you take the time to provide good content to your readers on a regular and frequent basis, you’ll discover that your readers take all of your emails far more seriously, and as a result your emails will be opened, read and acted upon with greater frequency. Essentially, email marketing is really an exercise in trust.


With Budo - a free website builder from Shimbi Labs, you can effortlessly collect subscribers through intuitively designed forms. You can then use those email ids to promote your products or services, send updates about your company.


Let us know your experience of email marketing in comment section.


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