ShimBi Labs Unveils CMS Budo Cloud Version, the Biggest Release Since the Launch of ShimBi CMS.


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Keeping up with the expectations of Budo's fan followings, ShimBi Labs today unveiled its Cloud Version of CMS Budo, the biggest release since the launch of ShimBi CMS.

Keeping up with the expectations of Budo's fan followings, ShimBi Labs today unveiled its Cloud Version of CMS Budo, the biggest release since the launch of ShimBi CMS.


Budo is a leading cloud-based web development platform created with one goal in mind: to help people get online without technical skills and a big budget. Budo is a Website Builder and Content Management System. 


Budo 5.2 has amazing features for small business websites.


The refreshingly new Budo is a great alternative to Wordpress. It helps web designers and small business owners to create their websites quickly and effortlessly. 


Speaking of the updates, Siddharth Deshmukh, CEO of ShimBi Labs, said,

“Among the many new features are Budo Blog, Full-Screen Responsive Layout, all new Photos and efficient event management with Calendar. Existing apps like Mail, Forms, Banners, and e-distribution has undergone significant revision in this update. These new updates will help small businesses make the most of their online presence.”


Shimbi Budo is emerging as a strong alternative to Wordpress for creating beautiful websites for your business.


Update your website anytime from anywhere.

The Budo CMS Cloud version helps users to update their website content anytime and from anywhere. The cloud based platform assures scalability and higher uptime compared to the traditional shared or co-located servers. This ensures the users to get higher uptime and visibility of their business online.


Full screen, responsive design layouts

Much awaited layout update of Budo came with this version - full-screen responsive design. The websites created using Budo can now have a full-screen display, across any device the user may be viewing it. The content gets aligned seamlessly and flawlessly on any device irrespective of its size, thanks to the latest responsive technology used in the new design. Here is something you much look forward to with this update -

  • Creating a long-lasting impact on the viewer
  • Compelling the visitor to scroll down  
  • Providing an elegant look 
  • Keeping the viewers engaged


Blogging for Business (and SEO)

Not only blogs have become an important tool for businesses to communicate with their customers, stakeholders, fan followers, and employees, it has also become a must have feature for search engine ranking. 


Google has officially announced to give more preference to websites having ‘authority and leadership contents,’ which means, those businesses having blogs on their websites for sharing industry expertise will be given more weightage. 


New Budo 5.2 comes with powerful yet easy to use blogging platform to ensure that you are well equipped to lead the competition, such as  -

  • Advanced comment management tools for moderation and approval
  • Built-in features for sharing blog posts on social media 
  • Connecting the blog to social media sites
  • Scheduling blog posts using Advanced Sharing and Scheduling Features
  • Creating custom URLs, Title Tag and Meta Descriptions to help the blog posts perform better in search results


Photos: Show it off!

A good design with lovely visuals takes the first attention of your website audience. Photos is an easy-to-use responsive Photo Gallery app for your website. It has been engineered from the ground up to display your photos on your website in a new way. 

  • The all-new Photos for Budo displays your photos beautifully
  • You can organize them into different albums. 
  • Intuitive new design helps you enhance your web presence.
  • Attract more visitors to your website. 
  • Let your website visitors easily share images on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. 


Calendar: Organize, on the go!

The revised version of Calendar is filled with new features and takes on a new, attractive look. It has been redesigned to have a full page responsive layout. It will allow the users-

  • To host and display events on the website
  • To have daily, weekly as well as monthly view of the Calendar
  • To add the events, guests and receive RSVP
  • To check the guest list and download it for further use
  • To allow the website visitors to share the event on different social media platforms 


A Professional and Functional Web Presence 

Budo 5.2 allows small businesses to create impactful websites, blogs. It is developed to help people get online without acquiring technical skills and at an affordable price. All this helps small businesses to flourish faster with -


Ease and Simplicity
Budo’s specialty lies in its complex-made-easy features. It allows users to carry out technically complex operations with ease and customization. 


Freedom to Operate from Anywhere
Being a cloud CMS, Budo 5.2 can be used from anywhere at any time. The users can make changes for an unlimited amount of times without any additional charges. 


A One-Stop Solution
Budo is a one-stop solution for all that is required for online presence. Its services include Domain name, Web Hosting, Website Builder, Online Store, Blog, Email Address, SEO Booster and Social Media Platform.


Language Flexibility
The built-in text encoding technology allows the users to publish the websites in almost all the major languages of the world.


Automatically Created Mobile Versions
Budo’s latest update automatically creates a mobile-friendly version of the website. It ensures a high-quality experience for the users and helps drive more traffic to the website.


Inbuilt Apps
Budo comes with a collection of numerous built-in apps such as Photos, News, Calendar, Forms, Maps, and e-Distribution. They provide enhanced functional and creative freedom to the process of website building.


This is new Budo 5.2 cloud version.




With a plethora of the advanced features and a simple user interface, Budo 5.2 becomes one of the leading website builders of the current times. Small businesses can benefit immensely from its integrated system and all encompassing features. “We’re giving web designers amazing new tools to create and manage their client’s websites on an integrated, simple and secure development platform,” adds Siddharth Deshmukh.  


Pricing and availability 

Budo 5.2 is a SaaS model with a free plan and three premium plans. It is made available for the users and website designers from today. Sign up today for a free version or select one of the premium plans. 

Check all feature here and plan & pricings here.

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