These three Shimbi Labs products will help you to run your small business.

Posted on 08 Apr 2021 11:38 in Small Business Hacks
by ShimBi Labs

Shimbi Labs has always been about small businesses, nomads, and freelancers. We are a small company, we love other small and independent companies, and we are proud of it...

Shimbi Labs has always been about small businesses, nomads, and freelancers. We are a small company, we love other small and independent companies, and we are proud of it.


We have a diverse group of people from different places, and interests like designers, programmers, writers, speakers, bikers, engineers, runners, web developers, chefs, homemakers, tuk-tuk driver, readers, travelers, lawyers, accountants, gardeners, volunteers, parents, and hard workers and they bring a unique perspective to everything we do.


As a small website design company back then, we built all products for self-consumption and then started helping other businesses to sort out their problems with these products. 


We don't want to convenience or sell anyone anything. We just tell our story. If it resonates with you, then we think our products will help you. They helped us stay in business for over 20 years!


Budo helped us to build, manage and update our website and blog every day. 


Budo is an online website builder. We created Budo with one goal in mind: to help people get online without technical skills and a big budget. Budo has everything you need to create your online presence, be it a website, blog, or store. Design your beautiful website exactly the way you want. 


Budo has something for everyone. No matter who you are— a photographer, artist, yoga teacher, musician, doctor, small business owner, and more. Budo provides everything you need to create your beautiful website. People from different types of businesses choose Budo to create a website, blog, or store. 


Because every business needs a website.


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Ninjin is an extension of Budo into a fully-featured, out-of-the-box, ready to use, and very easy to operate e-commerce solution for your online store. Ninjin requires no coding knowledge, so it's perfect for anyone who wishes to start selling online.


Ninjin is a voice for independent creators, artists, and small businesses, who don't want to find themself at the mercy of (the world store).


Whether you're selling clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, crafts, bikes, or homemade fruit jams, Ninjin is for you. It's simple, powerful, yet affordable.


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Shimbi Invoice
In 2005, when we sent our first invoice to our Japanese client, it returns thrice for silly mistakes. It repeated several times with other clients, too, because we used MS Excel for creating invoices


We couldn't take it anymore and created Shimbi MyBilling (Now renamed to Shimbi Invoice); since then, we have sent thousands of invoices manually and automated using Shimbi Invoice and got paid on time!


Today, over 10,000 freelancers and small businesses love ShimBi Invoice and use it every day to send an error-free invoice and get paid on time. In the last 30 days itself, over 19,000 invoices were sent using Shimbi Invoice.


Shimbi Invoice has everything you'll ever need to manage your invoicing.


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Every business today needs a website, blog, or store. The future of SMB is into having an effective online presence to represent your business. And a simple invoicing software to get paid on time. 


Twenty years back, we designed these web applications for internal use at Shimbi Labs. Today, globally, Freelancers and Small businesses are using them to grow their business.


We hope you will give them a try!


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