Does your website need an SSL certificate?

Posted on 28-Aug-2020

The internet is becoming a dangerous place day by day. Phishing scams, hacking, stealing data has become a big issue. To protect your website and sensitive information of your users, get an SSL Certificate now. Read along to know the advantages of SSL.

Website store vs Social media business. Which is the better option and why ?

Posted on 21-May-2020

Online shopping and e-commerce is booming in todays world. So it is very important to create your website to sell your products. But a lot of people are conducting business via social media platforms. Which is not the right way to conduct their business.

Top 6 reasons to go for Ninjin online store builder.

Posted on 18-May-2020

Let's look at the top reason you should consider Ninjin for your online store.

Have fun. Be creative with ShimBi Labs products. Housewives, and students live your dream.

Posted on 11-May-2020

ShimBi Labs products are not only useful for small businesses and freelancers but also good for housewives and students who are passionate about their hobbies. Put out your passion online and live your dream!

Say hello to Ninjin - Simple. Affordable. Powerful online store builder.

Posted on 07-May-2020

Today Shimbi Labs announces the launch of Ninjin as subscription service. Ninjin is a simple, affordable, yet powerful online store builder.

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