Have fun. Be creative with Shimbi Labs products. Housewives, and students live your dream.

Posted on 11 May 2020 09:09 in Shimbi Labs Products
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Shimbi Labs products are not only useful for small businesses and freelancers but also good for housewives and students who are passionate about their hobbies. Put out your passion online and live your dream!

In this article, let's talk about inspiring creative activities from your home using different Shimbi Labs products.


Shimbi Labs products are for everyone, be it professional or homemakers, students, artists, freelances, or businesses. They are simple, powerful, and free to get started!


Are you a housewife or homemaker? We know you have talent, art, and passion in you. Why not use your talent and fashion to put together some fun projects staying at home? Or start your SOHO (Small Business. Home Business.)


Express yourself and create your identity.


Students we know you are mazing young talent, but due to worldwide lockdown to stop spread COVID-19 pandemic, you are at home. Can't go out, but you can build something being at home.


With Shimbi Labs, start your website, blog, or online store. It's easy, simple, and free. Let everyone know your talent.


Students can make some handsome pocket money by selling your talent, such as writing blogs, photography, coaching younger ones, and many other ways; bring your passion to the web and let the world select you for your talent.


Housewives and homemakers, start your home business, put your website or blog or online store. Get financial independence by using your free time for creative work. Create your own identity.


But I am not a website designer, or I don't know how to go about this? It is not required. Here is where the Shimbi Labs products do the magic. They are made for you. They are so simple and easy to use, even if you don't know how to code.


  • Budo helps you to create your website, blog. Create your own website just the way you want it, with various fonts, designs, and layouts. So, the site reflects your personality. Create your personal brand. 


  • Ninjin helps you to create your online store so that you can sell your products. No matter you are at home, but you can sell products globally. You can make various homemade products and sell them online and share happiness.


  • Mikan CRM is to manage your customer relationship. Sell your product, build a personal connection. Create fan followers and sail more. 


  • Shimbi Invoice helps you to create and send GST ready invoices anytime and from anywhere. Be it the home business or professional business; you must submit a correct invoice on time to get paid on time—Shimbi invoice is here for you to take care of that. 


All software can be used on a computer, laptop, notepad, and mobile phones! Hence no hurdle of the device as well.


These software are so easy to use that anyone can use it and do what they love. 


Start your inspiring creative activities from your home.


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