Top 6 reasons to go for Ninjin online store builder.

Posted on 18 May 2020 09:09 in Shimbi Labs Products
by ShimBi Labs

Let's look at the top reason you should consider Ninjin for your online store.

Ninjin is a fully-featured out of the box, ready to use e-commerce solution for your online store. Ninjin runs from your web browser, nothing to install on your computer. Update and fulfill your orders from anywhere, anytime. Combine this with unmatched ease-of-use, built-in marketing tools, and business intelligence reports.


Here are the top 6 reasons to go for Ninjin online store builder.


1. Hosted Solution

Nijin provides you hosted online store that includes a domain name, web hosting, and email ids, nothing to install! There is no minimum commitment. No time-bound contract. If you don't like Ninjin powered online store, then we won't force you to stay.


2. Unlimited Categories & Products.

When you use Ninjin for your online store, you get unlimited everything that allows you to do unlimited business.

Get unrestricted ability to add products and staff Login. It's your business why should we put restrictions on its growth?


3. Amazingly Easy to Use

Ninjin store builder is simple to use even by novice business owners, yet very powerful to be customized by web designers and developers. It couldn't be as easier to sell products online as with Ninjin powered online store.


4. Built-in Marketing Tools.

Once your online store is ready, and upon the Internet, next, you wish to generate traffic to your online shop and start selling.

Ninjin provides dozens of built-in marketing tools such as Search Engine Optimiser, Social Media Engagement Tools, Product Suggestion Engine, Newsletter, and SMS Marketing. 


5. Business Intelligence Reports.

It is said that good reports make you more money. In-built business intelligence reports by Ninjin help you make better decisions, which means more money in your pocket and less work.


6. Free Updates

One more thing, With Nijin, you will get free updates. It means you can expect lots of new features for free!


The last thing you can't ignore about Ninjin is no matter what your business is; you can use Ninjin to sell online. 


Ninjin is for everyone.



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