Business ideas for teens.

Posted on 17 Jun 2022 19:00 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Who said teenagers can't successfully start and run a small business? Age does not limit creativity and talent. Read along to know more about some business ideas that do not hamper your studies as well as are profitable.

In today's world, anyone can start a business. In this new air of entrepreneurship, teenagers are the ones who have shown what they are capable of. Apart from studies they can also successfully start, sustain and operate a big or small business.


But not all business models are sustainable by a teenager. As you cannot dedicate all your time and effort to your small business.


But are you someone who has the urge to start a small business? Then there are loads of products and services that you can provide. Apart from being an additional source of income, it will teach you a lot of skills such as market research, advertising, marketing, production, and so much more.


Studies are an important aspect for teenagers as it shapes their mind, personality, and overall development. But along with studies they can also take up their passion and create something beautiful. One never knows if this business might grow into something huge in the future.


So here are some ideas of products and services-


1. Printed clothes – who doesn't like customized quirky t-shirts, jackets, caps, and clothing? I think none. You can start your small business in printed apparel. You will need little investment as you'll have to buy a printing machine. Nowadays special irons and portable machines are available that imprint long-lasting prints on clothes.


You can take custom orders or start a retail line. Make a website and start selling!


2. Accessories – this business is booming so much as everyone wants quirky jewelry to match their outfits. Online jewelry at big sites such as Myntra is very expensive so people look out for inexpensive jewelry. You can start selling handmade or even readymade jewelry. Many markets sell jewelry at very cheap rates. You can purchase in bulk from there and sell it via your store by increasing the price a little bit.


Curate gift boxes, hampers, and sets to attract more customers and increase average order value.


3. Candles and soaps – a lot of people enjoy lighting candles and unwinding their day. Handmade scented candles are the perfect business to start if you enjoy molding and curating creatively with wax. Handmade soaps are also a great business idea. you can be super creative and create soaps in various scents, colors, sizes, etc.


4. Scrunchies – stitching is one of the most common hobbies that several teenagers have. But converting it into a business is not everyone's cup of tea. You can make scrunchies, hairbands, scarves, or any small nick-knacks that you like.

A teenager stitching his dreams!

Today the scrunchie business is booming and established businesses are getting international orders, wedding orders, party orders and so much more.


5. Handmade cards and boxes - art and craft is a fun creative and lucrative business plan. You can make handmade cards, boxes, envelopes, bookmarks, or any craft items that you like. Art and craft are a space that has no boundaries. There are endless items that you can make and add to your catalog.  

Unleash your creativity

6. Bakery – baking is a form of therapy as well as an amazing business idea as everyone loves something sweet. The food industry has ever-expanding and has no limits. If you can dedicate very less time you can start a very specific business like dealing in only brownies or cakes or specialty items. Keep limited items on your menu so that you save time in making.


You can set up your menu a week in advance and collect orders throughout the week and do the bake sale on the weekend.


7. Printed credit/debit card – the new trend in the gifting industry is that of printed credit cards. People print quotes, photographs, digital art, and customized cards to gift their loved ones. All you will need is creativity and a laptop or phone to design the cards. You can print them at a nearby printing store. Along with cards you can also sell card holders and stands.


These are just a few of the numerous business ideas you can pick up while studying. Many people sell their projects and offer project-creation services. This is how they commercialise their project-making expertise.


Choose your passion and begin your journey right away!
There is no better moment than now to start your own business. Pick up your pen and paper, and start planning your small business. 




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