Make a stylish website for your clothing line- A guide

Posted on 09 May 2022 10:00 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

The fashion industry is growing everyday and to stand out among the crowd you need to create a website for your brand. read along to know the do's and don'ts!

Fashion as an industry has now expanded from just being concentrated at stores of big brands and apps. Fashion designers are now leaping and starting their businesses rather than joining other companies. Many youngsters who have a creative tingle in them have started their small-scale fashion lines and are dealing in customized clothing, footwear and so much more.


Thrifting has now become a trend as people are becoming environmentally conscious and do not want to buy clothes from brands that exploit their labor and environment. Thrifting is cheaper and environment friendly hence many small businesses have opened around that too.


All these small, medium and large-scale businesses have a target audience.


But how does one reach out to them?
Website is the best way of creating awareness and boosting sales of your brand. The young generation likes to shop from the comfort of their home hence e-commerce is the way to their hearts.


Many designers may not have a physical store so for them, a website is a must.


Why is a website essential?
A website or an online store makes the shopping experience comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable. It makes it easier for you as well. Want to know why then click here.


So how should one design their website?
Nobody likes a basic, dull and boring website. a website should be such that it grabs the attention of the viewer and converts them from a lead to a customer.


Color is a very crucial aspect of the website. It can make or break the look of the website. Here are some tips that will help you in choosing the right colors-

  1. Choose a color that highlights your logo and brand name. For example – if your logo is red then do not make the background of your website red. You can choose contrasting or lighter colors such as yellow, and white.
  2. Do not add multiple colors as it confuses the eye. 2 or 3 colors are enough to design your website. Select complementary colors
  3. Keep the texts of your website in black color. As black is the deepest color it looks bold and beautiful on any background. If your background is of dark colors such as blue, green, and black then use white color in your texts.
  4. Keep the same color scheme in all the sub-pages of your website.
As background is white the text is in black


Use a lot of pictures on your website
In the fashion industry pictures are crucial to selling clothes. Upload a lot of pictures on your home page. Upload several pictures from different angles of your products. This will give the viewer a holistic idea of how the dress will look.


The biggest mistake several entrepreneurs make is uploading pictures that aren't theirs!


Never plagiarize from other websites and accounts. In the clothing line, it is easy to identify whether you have stolen a picture from someone else's Instagram account or website. It is unethical as people will think you have that product and will place an order for it and get something else.


This will lead to people distrusting your brand.


Never use stock images or google images. Always click pictures of your products. If you don't have fancy equipment it is alright. You can take beautiful pictures from your phone as well!


Make your interface user friendly
Apart from catchy pictures and poppy colors the website interface needs to be easy, convenient, and smooth so that the shopping experience becomes better. If the interface is good people might buy more than what they initially wanted.


On a website for a clothing line, a lot of details need to be mentioned. Give the basic details such as fabric, care instructions, etc. in a table format below, and customizable information such as size, print, and color should be given on top. If the dress is available in multiple colors give the color option in each product so that the customer can view the dress in different colors in one place, they do not have to search for it separately.


Size and size charts should be given so that the customer can choose the size accordingly.


Keep the layout simple and make sure it is compatible with the mobile phone. Many entrepreneurs make a great website but it is not mobile-friendly. So, whenever a customer opens the website from their mobile it lags or the layout becomes weird and the customer experience becomes bad.


Hence adapt the layout according to the screen size of different devices.


Link one product with another
Every fashionista likes matching pants with their tops, heels with their dresses, bags, and accessories, and scarves with their attire!


Try and link all your clothing with one another. If someone is viewing a t-shirt try to show them matching bottom wear, inners, or similar t-shirts. This way the customer might buy more products to make a complete outfit.


Big fashion brands often suggest entire outfits that contain top and bottom wear, footwear, and accessories. If your brand deals in everything you can do that too!


Showing suggestions makes customers discover clothes they like easily.


So these are the tips and tricks to make an amazing website for your clothing line. 




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