Website store vs Social media business. Which is the better option and why ?

Posted on 21 May 2020 17:45 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Online shopping and e-commerce is booming in todays world. So it is very important to create your website to sell your products. But a lot of people are conducting business via social media platforms. Which is not the right way to conduct their business.


Consumer habits have changed drastically throughout the world due to the explosion of eCommerce. The traditional way of going to shops to buy products is now replaced with online shopping.


People buy things such as groceries, makeup, clothes, houseware etc. online. Practically everything can be purchased online now!


Ecommerce in India


Online shopping has gained speed since the last decade. Various internet startups that have succeeded in India are Swiggy, Zomato, Grofers and Flipkart. It is estimated that every third Indian shops online.


Is making an Instagram Account better than a Website?


But nowadays most of the entrepreneurs who have started their online business do not make an online website. Students, housewives or small-scale businesses create an Instagram or Facebook account. They prefer that over a website store.


Bakers, painters, stationary sellers, clothing and lifestyle businesses and many more have created their social media profiles.


They keep posting their products and sell it directly from there. They have skipped the step of making a website for themselves.


But is that the better option?


I am here to tell you a big NO!


Instagram and Facebook are social media platforms. They are not apt for conducting online business. Even though it has a new business account feature; you shouldn’t rely on it completely.


Instagram Policies


For setting up Instagram shopping, you have to make sure that your business complies with their merchant agreement and commerce policies.


You have to connect your Instagram page to your Facebook page. It also has to be connected to a Facebook catalog. After you’ve done everything you have to send your page for a review.


Only after their approval will your account start working.


Why increase your workload with all this, when you can easily set up a website. This is a more efficient option too!


Use Instagram for MARKETING not BUSINESS


Social media platforms are great for marketing. You can reach out to a lot of people. But relying your entire business on it is a mistake.


The policies of these apps can change any moment. Hence, they can take down your page if they wish so. Your page might not be passed if it violates their policies during the review stage.


This can cause your business to temporarily or permanently stop.


Moreover, only the people who follow you will get updates about your business on their feed the rest won’t. Brand building and fan following can be done on these platforms. But the business should be conducted over a website.


It is more professional that way. People visit your website store, scroll through your products and then buy it. It gives them a sense of joy and satisfaction.


On social media it doesn’t happen that way. You can’t self-purchase the products. You have to message the owner on social media.


Wait for their response and place your order via a message. No payment options are also there. If you share your bank details on such platforms you are risking your security. Bank details can be misused too.


Hence the mental satisfaction of purchasing the product is less.


Whereas, on a website there are safe and secured payment methods. You can rely on them and can give your bank details to them without worrying about fraud.


Website is a safer option


Social media accounts are susceptible to being hacked. People can misuse the information shared by various customers. Addresses, contact details, bank details can be misused. There is no privacy.


Whereas in a website store your information stays confidential. It is only between the customer and the seller.


Personal Website Store provides you with mental satisfaction


If you create your own website store you will experience a sense of achievement. Every time someone purchases your products through your store it will make you feel happy.


It is more personal than an Instagram account. Hence, you will work more on it to develop and improve it.


An Organised way to conduct business


A website is a more organised and a professional way of conducting business.


You get all the information about the people who visited your account, hot leads and the actions taken. It also creates and organises a list of your previous customers.


In social media business you do not get all this. It is very haphazard.


Wondering how you can make your own website store?


Do not worry ShimBi Labs Ninjin has got you covered.


Ninjin is the perfect e-commerce solution for your online store. It is easy to operate. Plus, no coding knowledge is required, so anyone can make an online store with a few clicks.


It has built-in marketing tools and business intelligence reports. It is also compatible to mobile phones and tablets!


Moreover, it is free of cost too! Some websites charge a commission when your product gets sold through the website. But here you do not have to pay us a single penny for your sale.


Be it real-time invoicing, payment solutions, SEO Booster, your domain, secure checkout, Ninjin has everything and a lot more to offer you.


So, what are you waiting for?


Go and customise your online store and start selling!



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