How to Establish Your Brand on Pinterest

Posted on 13 Oct 2013 11:18 in Small Business Hacks
by ShimBi Labs

In this blog post least discuss how you can establish your brand on Pinterest. Let's consider the following ideas that can help build your brand on Pinterest.

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In this blog post least discuss how you can establish your brand on Pinterest. Let's consider the following ideas that can help build your brand on Pinterest.

  1. Quality of content that you post is very important. Pin some unique and exotic content so that you can stand out. Post high quality and vibrant images of your products or services so that users can repin and like your products.
  2. If your company have a product or service that need "How to" education Pinterest is the right place to post. For example, do you have an ebook or video? You could pin the image of that content with a live link to download the ebook or play the video on your website.

    For example, ShimBi CMS has a board "CMS Budo How to" that features a series of pinned how-to videos on using ShimBi CMS Budo, covering everything from how to create sitemap, pages links to social media.
  3. If your company is participating in an event, hosting training, create a board that introduces it to your audience. Few ways to promote the event:
    • Introduce the speakers
    • Information on workshops
    • Details of event location and surrounding area
    • Links to blog posts related to the topic of the event
    • Special offers and Discounts
    • Event photos & Videos
  4. Makeover Professionals, Pinterest is the place to showcasing before-and-after images, of your work. Businesses that can take the best advantage of this include hairstylists, makeup artists, wardrobe consultants, interior designers, landscape architects, plastic surgeons and home or office organizers.
  5. Consider Pinterest board to display your Company culture. Generate greater customer engagement by giving your clients an inside peek at your business through a Pinterest board that offer a feel for your company's setup, people, work environment and facilities.

    For example, you can post your team members photos, internal event photos, office and cafeterias photos that will give an idea to client about your company's work culture.

Above ideas can help finding and engaging your potential customers with visuals that speak to their interest.


Following are few more points you may consider:

  • Follow: Follow Pinners and Boards that are in your industry and that interest you; doing so will provide additional exposure for your brand within your niche.
  • Consistency: Pin often and consistently so users can expect fresh content from you on a regular basis, this is how you increase your followers and increase your opportunity of being found.
  • Re-Pin: Pinterest is built around sharing content between users, re-pinning is a great way to engage with others that have the same interests as you.

So now is time to get creative and think of ways to add personality to your board to help your brand’s image stand out. Get started and build your Brand on Pinterest.


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