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Posted on 26 Oct 2009 01:41 in Web & App Design
by ShimBi Labs

At the centre of most web design and development projects is Content Management Systems (CMS). Choosing a CMS for your custom website is not an easy task - there are 1000s of CMS available on the web, then why Shimbi CMS?

Note: Shimbi CMS is now Budo


The goal of CMS based website is to enable your customer to update his website anytime and from anywhere. Enabling content editing is not just enough, the experience of updating content on the website should be a pleasant one for your customers. Simplicity to update website is something very challenging for web developers because popular options they use to build customer's websites like Wordpress and Joomla are too complicated for business owners to handle.


Thanks to Shimbi CMS for web design, which provides easy to use and simple user interface for your customers. On the other hand, it is feature reach with advanced options to design a stunning website with ease for web developers. Shimbi CMS is a perfect solution to deliver a website to your customer in record time and free up yourself on acquiring new customers. 


Grow your business with Shimbi CMS.


Shimbi CMS is a cloud-based solution and update every week; you don't need to worry about security and compatibility issues. It updates automatically!


Shimbi CMS is closed source application and managed by a dedicated team; it's secured, and you can get support directly from developers. Forget about wasting time on forums or search for a solution on the web.


Today, hundreds of web developers use Shimbi CMS to build thousands of customer websites. 


Shimbi CMS is the simplest options for web design.


If you are looking for flexibility with simplicity then, Shimbi CMS is for you. Starting with ShimBi CMS required 30 seconds and building a website, we are sure it's just matter of the day for you!


Signup today and start building a stunning website for your customer which they can update with ease. 



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