The Power Of Simple

Posted on 07 Mar 2009 18:16 in Shimbi Labs Products
by ShimBi Labs

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. See how this thought influenced the making of Shimbi CMS.

“Success will come from simplicity” – Robin Sharma


The concept of simplicity drives our new product, ShimBi CMS!


ShimBi CMS is all about simplicity, an effortless way of managing and updating your website. We had only one goal in mind when we started this project, that is - to develop a Content Management System, which is simplest and easiest to use.


Why one more CMS when there are so many around? 


Yes, there are so many CMS available today on the web, some are well-known names such as Wordpress and Joomla, but most of them involved as a development platform for web developers than simple to use CMS for end users.


The goal of ShimBi CMS is to give full control to website owners to let them easily update and manage their website to their convenience.


ShimBi CMS is simple yet very powerful, and feature enriched (but with only required features) which will empower you to manage your web site professionally. Now you do not need to limit your expression due to complex functionality of CMS, and you do not need to depend on web-designer too!


ShimBi CMS is so simple to use; if you know how to use facebook and MS Word, you can use ShimBi CMS! ShimBi CMS is full of advanced features making it a serious platform for a professional web designer too.


Due to its simplicity, small business owners feel so encouraged to publish the latest information about products and services quite often without any hassle. Reach millions of potential customers, it just works!


ShimBi CMS is not only for business, but it is also a cool choice for your personal website or blog. But the coolest fact is that you do not need to know any programming or scripting languages like HTML, PHP, ASP or Java!


Isn’t that really simple but powerful?


Note: Shimbi CMS is now Budo



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