OMG, am I paying the right price for my website?

Posted on 14 May 2010 19:54 in Small Business Hacks
by ShimBi Labs

Going back in time, most of us, one day, wake up from nowhere with an idea of creating a website to represent business and end up building one, with some primitive information.

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OMG, am I paying the right price for my website?
Yeah, J, that curiosity always hits all…


Answering that question is not easy and may not be perfect. It is very subjective. It depends on many factors, such as the objective of your website, the type of website, the essential services you required to create, manage, and keep your website online. 


Going back in time, most of us, one day, wake up from nowhere with an idea of creating a website to represent business and end up building one, with some primitive information. 


Days pass, and we start wondering if I have the right website? Is my website useful and making sense to visitors? And if I am paying the right price?


In this article, we are putting together some handy information, which may help you get answers to your queries. You may able to correct the path or reaffirm that all is well.


What type of website I need?

It all depends on the type of your business and what is your objective of putting up a website. What is your goal, and what results you are expecting from your website? 


For example here are a few objectives to go online -

  • Provide information about your product or service.
  • Sell online your product or service.
  • Build a relationship and provide support to your customers.
  • As a subject expert, educate your website visitors.
  • all of them or maybe something else.


Depending on your objectives, you can then decide the type of website you need. 


Here is a broad classification of types of websites.


  1. Static Website - The simplest form of website which is used for providing information. This type of website is not too often updated and provides very little interactivity to website visitors. Suitable for product or services catalog website. 
  2. Ecommerce website - This type of websites are good one for business, retailers to sell their product online. These sites are complex to build and highly dynamic in terms of operation as well as information. They are updated too often.
  3. CMS based websites - These type of sites provides a lot of and different kinds of information to its users. Usually managed by multiple people and updated too often. For example, Blogs, News websites, Wiki sites, etc.
  4. Web applications - In addition to the typical public-facing website, there are many business software designed to run on www, and they are called Web Applications. These are special-purpose software intended for businesses. These are the most complex websites and need a lot of time and investment to build them.


Depending on the objective of your website, business goals, you should select the type of site you wish to build. Once this is decided, next, you now start budgeting. 


Empty your pockets for…


Domain Name Registration

First thing first, get your unique domain name for your website. 
Common domain extension such as .com, org, or .net will cost you in the range of USD 9 to 14. 


Web Hosting

Next, you need server space, where you can store your website files and emails. Web hosting service provider is very important; they are the one who ensures that your website is online 24/7 365 days with almost zero downtime.


Depending on your server space, your cost of hosting will vary per year. We recommend you should at least go for 1 GB space, which may cost you as little as USD 14 ~ annually, including email ids. 


While selecting a hosting vendor, make sure they have secured servers with the latest software, and they provide 24/7 technical support.


Website Design & Development.

Ok, now that all necessary infrastructure services are in place, its time to get website design and developed.


Yup, this is the core part of your mission website. The website needs to be designed and developed properly so that it not only looks amazing, but it is also super effective. Remember, your site must meet the objectives and goals you set.


Depending on the type of website and complications involved, you will need to carefully hire experienced web design and development agency to create your web presence. 


The Design-Development combo is cheaper for the simple static website, but the cost may go on the higher side for fairly complex websites.


Fairly good website by created experienced Webdesign company can start as low as USD 280 ~, and there is no limit on the upward side.


Web Content

Ok, everything is in place, but before you go online, You must have proper content on your website. Your site should have very useful sales peach, images, videos, graphs, and everything else that makes it easy for your website visitor to take action to buy a product or ask for your services.


You might be able to do this all by yourself. As you would be able to describe your products, services more than anyone but it may good idea to get it revied by the professional content creator.


Some investment here will go a long way in the growth of your business.


Hola! Your website is ready!
But that is not all. Only website is of no use if people don't discover it.
So you will need to work hard on Search Engine Optimization. 


But we will stop here. 
The scope of this article is up to creating a website and not marketing.


So, if you wish to build a decent website with the help of a good website design company, be ready to spend a minimum of around USD 400. 


But, if that is not your budget, but you are ready to do it all by yourself, there is good news. Budo website builders provide you that opportunity without knowing any coding or without being a web designer, create your website for FREE.


What is Budo?

Budo is an online website builder. We created Budo with one goal in mind: to help people get online without technical skills and a big budget.


Budo has everything you desire to go online. 

Budo has everything that you would need to create your online presence, be it a website or blog or store. Design your beautiful website precisely the way you want. So Create your website, blog, or online store. It's easy. It's free. 




Let us know if you find this article useful in the comment section below. 



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