Advantages of Cloud CMS Over Installed CMS for Small Business.


Posted on 26 Aug 2014 09:09 in Small Business Hacks by ShimBi Labs

We are just 3 days away from launching CMS Budo Cloud version, so I thought, of I should explain, why we thought of shifting from the installed version of CMS Budo to a cloud version.

We are just 3 days away from launching  CMS Budo Cloud version, so I thought, of  I should explain, why we thought of shifting from the installed version of CMS Budo to a cloud version.


But before that let's understand what is Cloud, Cloud CMS and  Installed CMS.


The Cloud is a term used to describe software and online services that live entirely on web servers and require no installation to a local computer. Software can be then accessed through web browser from any computer with internet connectivity. [learn more]


Cloud CMS
Term Cloud CMS refers to content management systems that live in the cloud also known as SaaS CMS or Hosted CMS, “Cloud CMS” is now the dominant term used to classify this type of CMS.


Installed CMS
Content management system that need to install and configure either on the web server or on a local machine. This is a more traditional type of CMS and is still the most dominant. Most open source CMS systems are installed, for example Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and many other.


Now that you understood the terms Cloud, Cloud CMS and Installed CMS, lets me explain why we shifted CMS Budo installed version to CMS Budo cloud version.


We found most of the small business owners confront with the following difficulties when they or their web designing companies select installed CMS for their website.

  1. Small business owners or their staff depends on inhouse IT  people or web designing company to maintain the CMS, which can cause delays.
  2. Installed CMS become out of date if not frequently upgraded. And to do so small business, owners need to depend on web designing company and it cost significant or in many cases small business owners are not aware of this and website security is compromised.
  3. If your CMS uses plug-ins, it can be time-consuming  and costly to keep everything up to date.
  4. Most important is support when you need it, which is hard to come with free, open source installed CMS.

In the case of CMS Budo installed version; we were also finding it difficult to ensure all our installation are up to date, and all our clients are getting benefits of latest patches and updates. Because we largely depended on clients to install updates through control panel. And if they fail to do so their CMS will be outdated and compromise on security.


So to overcome these disadvantages, we decided to change the model of delivery and converted installed version of CMS Budo to the cloud version of CMS Budo.


Here are some benefits of cloud CMS:

  1. No need to purchase servers to run the CMS.
  2. No software to install – it’s just there when you need it.
  3. No upgrades to apply – they are upgraded automatically.
  4. Guaranteed dedicated support included.

So if you are deciding to go for CMS for your website, consider these factors. If you have any queries or suggestion feel free to post in comment section.

ShimBi CMS Budo will be available from 1st September 2014


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