Advocate Santosh Naidu: Inspiring story of journey from steno typist to successful advocate

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Here is the first story of blog series"Inspiring Entrepreneurial Success Stories" about Advocate Santosh Naidu, a man with strong, desired to succeed.

Advocate Santosh Naidu comes from humble background. Born in Pune but raised in an underdeveloped city of Maharashtra "Latur."  His family origins are from Karnataka and Hyderabad, but since last three generations, they migrated to Maharashtra.


As a child, he always wanted to become a doctor, but due to financial difficulties he gave up that dream and decided to pursue an education in Commerce Stream. Although he was brilliant in studies, financial constraints and to take care of his family, he had to face failures in during college education. To deal with these failures, he came to Pune and joined a law firm as Steno-typist to meet the ends and support the family.


This is where he started developing an interest in law. Advocate Naidu made it a point to study as much possible himself.  His deep interest in the subject and encouraged him to study law formally, which he did and became a lawyer (B.A.LL.B) in 2006.


White coat aspiration changed to a black coat.


In 2009, Advocate Santosh Naidu started as an independent practicing lawyer, and soon he went from being a lawyer with no work to a busy and much sought after lawyer, flitting from court to court.


The other remarkable aspect of Advocate Santosh Naidu is a willingness to help young law students and lawyers. Some of them went on to become Judge.


It was not long before Advocate Santosh Naidu’s brilliant mind came to be noticed by his Senior Advocate Manoj Wadekar and others and he started getting a steady stream of work from the solicitors and senior lawyers.


After graduation in law, he co-founded a company for a legal audit of charitable trusts by name Lex Eye Pvt. Ltd. and worked as a Director of the said company till 2009 when he started his independent practice. 


Property related cases always remained to be his interest from the days of his juniorship with Advocate Manoj Wadekar.  He practices at the Civil side of the bar and has cases at Civil, District and High Court besides representing clients with Authorities like Collector, Charity Commissioner, Registrar of Societies, Sub-Registrars, etc.


Apart from property related matter, he also works in civil cases, economical offense cases too. Advocate Naidu Santosh gives the success credit of his success to his Senior Advocate Manoj Wadekar and friends and Well Wishers.


In the days to come, Santosh Nadu became very popular because of his ability to quickly grasp the core point in any dispute and concentrate on that. He is today well known for his thorough preparation of the facts and the law. His notes are always meticulous, and he knows which fact is to be found at which page of the Paper Book and which proposition of case law supported that.


My burning desire is to join the league of distinguished lawyers  


Something no one knows about him is that even before passing out Law, he used to train freshly graduated Lawyers! Advocate Santosh Naidu is very popular because he is knowledge, hard work and dedication and concern for clients. 


He always listens patiently and carefully deliberate all aspects before reaching a decision. If he doesn’t understand a proposition of law, he doesn’t hesitate to express his ignorance and take help of experts.


One endearing feature of the Advocate Santosh Naidu is the effort that he takes in each case he deals. For Naidu, as he is widely called, reaching to a conclusion of disputed matter in fair but in the shortest time is important as it saves client’s money and emotional health.


The other charming aspect of his personality is that despite his enormous success, he keeps reminding himself of his humble background to ensure that he remains grounded in reality.


He always loves to be associated with talented and self-motivated people. According to him, the Secret key to success is - Dedication, Devotion, Extreme Hard Work and hunger to learn.  He loves to challenge everything he Learned.


Advocate Santosh Naidu is a firm believer that technological advances are for the benefit of all. He thinks instead of people feel afraid of things like Artificial Intelligence and Automation if one embarrasses it, one can have more free time on hand to be more creative in what s/he is doing.  Let technology care of regular non-productive works.


His firm uses Shimbi Invoice for their invoicing needs.


Naidu is planning to file a PIL, so courts will allow lawyers to intimate their absence during the case in advance so others parties involved can also save their time and money.  Advocate Naidu also thinks that more use of technology such as Virtual Courtrooms should be utilized more often to save time and money of many people. 


According to Advocate Santosh Naidu today everyone needs to have a family lawyer like a family doctor. One should not go to a lawyer because you are dragged into some dispute, but you should have a lawyer to make sure you don't get into it.


Especially in cases of property matters, he thinks a good lawyer can not only save property related disputes but families from breaking if proper care and advice are taken in time.


About Business: 

We are Lawyers from Pune providing valuable advice and assistance to our clients since last more than eleven years. We are experts in Property Related Matters and provide support during pre-litigation and litigation stages.  


Our clientele includes Land Developers, Builders, Trusts, Housing Societies, Educational Institutes, Corporate Entities, and Individuals. Services we offered are due diligence, drafting of agreements, representing at Civil, District and High Courts and as well as before Consumer Forums, Charity Commissioners, Collector and other Competent Authorities.  


We are also specialized in conducting a legal audit for housing societies, trusts, companies and property owners. Besides this, we are empanelled as lawyers for banks, corporates, educational institutes on the yearly retainer contract. Over last 11 years of Practice, have worked for more than 300 clients.

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