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Posted on 12 Aug 2013 09:00 in Shimbi Labs Products
by ShimBi Labs

Rain is in full force, and that means we have more time to spend on updates and enjoy a hot cup of tea reviewing updates to your favourite website builder Budo. Today we are announcing CMS Budo Ver. 4.4! Check out our updates and what is new.

Shimbi Labs today announces version up to its Budo to Ver. 4.4.


Budo 4.4 has everything that you would need to create your online presence be it a website or blog. Design your own beautiful website exactly the way you want. 


New Features


New Admin Design


In Budo Ver. 4.4 we have completely changed the design of Control Panel. We Shifted Menu Bar and placed it Horizontally on Top. Making it cleaner and full page layout than early Ver. 4.3. This new design will allow users to use full page!


Email Management

The new version of Budo also features Email Management module. This most requested feature now allows the user to create and manage their email Ids from website control panel itself, no need to login to web hosting control panel!


Global Meta

One step forward in SEO features, now you can add Meta tags such as Title, Description at one place and apply it to all pages of your website. This is in addition to local Meta Tags function which still works for a particular web page. Another addition is now you can also insert additional Meta Tags such as Author, Index, etc.

Also add Tracking Codes - Now you can add different tracking codes for third party services such as Google Analytics.


Web Stats

This new feature in Budo 4.4  provides powerful yet simple-to-use integration with AWStats. AWStats is a compelling traffic analytics software that provides all of the key data points to let you know how your website is doing. You can learn about a number of visitors to your site, how they’re getting there, and if they are the people who are most likely to enjoy your content or buy your products.


Other Feature Upgrades

  • Apart from above features, we have also made several improvements in other modules such as Photo Gallery, Event Calendar, and Background Images.
  • Several CSS improvements made across the modules.
  • Background images now can be arranged along with Tile, on X or Y axis opening the world for many creative possibilities.



Budo 4.4 is immediately available from today, 12th August 2013. There is no change in Pricing. For all our Budo 4.3 user, this upgrade is available free!

Check all features here and Pricing here.


We would like to say thank you to all of our users and supporters for using Shimbi CMS Budo. Help us improve Budo, provide your feedback, suggestions, and comments below.



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