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Posted on 08 Aug 2016 09:09 in Shimbi Insights
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ShimBi Labs is a great place to learn new things and a right place to Interns to kick start their career. My Internship experience with ShimBi is fruitful.


Name: Divya Sree D
Software Testing Internship


How was your internship experience with ShimBi Labs? 
ShimBi Labs is a great place to learn new things and a right place to Interns to kick start their career from ShimBi. My Internship experience with ShimBi is fruitful. I have learned many things in this 3 months. I have also worked in other organizations but did not find the free environment like ShimBi Labs over there. I would like to thank Siddarth Sir for giving me this opportunity.


Your Project Name: Budo
Project Duration: 3 months


Project Summary
BUDO is a  website builder which is a special kind of content management system (CMS). While traditional content management systems were designed to administer large websites, BUDO is designed with smaller website projects in mind. This means the user doesn’t require any special programming skills or other technical knowledge, such as applying a template or create a database, etc.


Budo is a Website Builder and Content Management System. It has everything that you would need to create your online presence be it a website or blog or store.  Design your own beautiful website exactly the way you want.


Important Features
You can host your website on your Domain Name instead of strange unbranded URL. Branded Email Ids is another important aspect of business. Blog, Photos and Calender like useful modules available. Create unlimited Menu, Sub Menus, and Pages. Publish News and display, Banners on your website. Connect your website to Social Networks, SEO Boosters and, Newsletter to promote your website and there many such useful features available in Budo.


If given time and chance what more you can do?
If I get time and chance, I would like to do Automation Testing and Mobile Application Testing.


Rate You Internship Experience
I rate it 4 on scale of 1 to 5


Will you recommend internship opportunity to your friend with ShimBi Labs?


It's my pleasure to work in ShimBi Labs and with Siddarth. Thank you, Sir, for supporting me and motivating me.


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