Experience of working remotely - interview with Shimbians.

Posted on 20-Oct-2020

Working from home has become the safest mode this year due to the ongoing pandemic. Shimbi Labs has become a fully remote company; I had the opportunity to interview a few employees. Read along to know their experience of working from home!

What should I include in the cover letter?

Posted on 07-Aug-2020

What is a cover letter? Or what should I include in the cover letter? We always get these and similar questions. Let us answer what we expect in your cover letter when you apply for a job at Shimbi Labs.

How has ShimBi Labs helped me remain productive during a lockdown?

Posted on 04-Jul-2020

Everything paused as the government announced a nationwide lockdown. Boredom consumed me but I realised that wasting time was a mistake. Here is how ShimBi Labs helped me be productive this lockdown. You can also apply now and become better at what you do!

ShimBi Labs complete 15 years in business.

Posted on 14-Jun-2020

ShimBi Labs completes 15 years in business. On this occasion I had an opportunity to interview the CEO and Founder of ShimBi Labs, Mr. Siddharth Deshmukh. An interview in which he gives details about his journey and experiences.

How do you hire the best talent?

Posted on 06-Jan-2020

The best person is, first of all, impossible to measure, and with fleeting skills change over time, new people come around, and they are better for those technologies. You can't find the best people. In fact, they don't really exist.

The biggest lessons I learned since we become a fully remote company.

Posted on 30-Dec-2019

Here are some of my biggest lessons since we become a fully remote company. I wish to share the experience with you, my team at Shimbi Labs, and all other organizations that are planning to go remote.

MyProject made our life and our customer's life easy and relaxed!

Posted on 18-Oct-2019

Today I wish to talk about the software that helped us to run all operations smoothly when we are seating on the same floor, and even now when we seat remotely.

What should we write on Shimbi Blog?

Posted on 18-Jul-2019

We are in the process of restructuring Shimbi Labs blog, not only design but content as well and here is what I think, what we should write.

How robust is your organization foundation?

Posted on 30-May-2018

Just imagine if you created a company on a foundation made of sand. You just hired people to fill available openings and instead taking time to find out if they were right for the position, or for the company.

Customers are your valentine!

Posted on 14-Feb-2017

Your customers will be the reason you enjoy your best laughs and momentous joy of the year with your significant one, this Valentine's Day!

Working Holiday!

Posted on 24-Jan-2017

Taking time to reflect on what's most important to create ways to overcome difficult challenges is the goal of #WorkingHoliday at Shimbi Labs.

ShimBi Labs Is Great Place To Learn New Things!

Posted on 08-Aug-2016

ShimBi Labs is a great place to learn new things and a right place to Interns to kick start their career. My Internship experience with ShimBi is fruitful.

The Working Environment At ShimBi Labs Is Very Healthy

Posted on 03-Jun-2016

Initially, we were aware of only PHP syntax, but here we learned Codeigniter, MVC framework along with practically how to use PHP in a live project.

Excitement Of Making New Things Is Immense

Posted on 16-Apr-2016

Learning and experiencing the excitement of making new things is immense, and it's a significant step towards building a great career and innovating amazing products.

New Year Message

Posted on 01-Jan-2013

Let me first wish you and your family a Happy New Year. I sincerely hope that 2013 and years ahead bring you prosperity, good health and happiness.

New Year Message from CEO

Posted on 01-Jan-2012

Happy New Year and thank you very much for your support.

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