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Posted on 27 Nov 2020 09:09 in Shimbi Insights
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

For an enjoyable work atmosphere, everyone needs a break at times. At Shimbi Labs, there is a weekly 'Presentation Activity' which refreshes everyone. It is fun and interactive and helps us know each other better!

Shimbi Labs is a software company founded in 2005. It makes the most user-friendly and innovative software which can be used by people all across the world to grow their business digitally.


Shimbi Labs celebrated 15 years into business this year!


But the company is not just confined to software, computers, computer language, helping businesses. It aims to help all employees grow to become a better version of themselves.


The strong culture of continual learning and innovation is Shimbi Labs DNA. Today I will write about one such activity that they do every week, which helps employees learn beyond the trade. 


Friday presentations, where the CEO also participate and present. This activity aims to learn something new, be it as small as knowing about local food to gardening to advance AI and AR technological advancements and innovations. 


What is a Friday Presentation activity?

Every week on Friday, all employees come together (During lockdown virtually), and one of them share something interesting with the rest. One can pick up any topic of their interest. They can do any form of activity they like and show videos, photos, PPT presentations, or anything else.


This activity helps in building self-confidence. It also enhances the skills of public speaking. Importantly, this activity started during the lockdown, and it helps people to remain connected, share, and know each other more than before.


I have been participating in this activity for the last three weeks. It is informative and enjoyable.


I attended one on 'Bootstrap HTML Framework' by Pratik, a Lead UI Designer at Shimbi Labs. It was fascinating as I had no idea how websites are built using Bootstrap. Pratik also showed how he could design a website that can be viewed on a PC, tablet, and phone. How the size of elements on the website change due to the screen's size.


I also attended a presentation on the topic 'rare vegetables' conducted by Kailash, VP of Software Development. He explained some of less know vegetables nutritional value, advantages, how it is cooked, and where it is available. It was a fun and interactive session. 


At the end of the activity, there is a question-answer session. It is open for all, and we can clear any doubts about that.


This activity has covered various topics such as website speed, lockdown activities, WFH - Hardware and software, security, HDR in the camera, AR Background for video calls, top 10 technology, games, and yoga.


Next week, I got the opportunity to present.

As I was born and brought up in Kolkata, I selected Calcutta's topic, "Calcutta, and it's glorious past." I made a presentation on this topic.


Calcutta and its glorious past

In this presentation, I highlighted the buildings and palaces built by the Britishers during colonial India. I further explained the architectural features and historical importance of those places.

I started by giving a brief introduction to Kolkata, how it used to be the capital of British India.


Then I described the most prominent architectural structures in Calcutta. 


Firstly, I talked about the Victoria Memorial, which is the most important and beautiful example of craftsmanship.


St. Paul's Cathedral followed. It is one of the largest Cathedral in Kolkata and was built in 1847.


I also talked about the places such as Fort William, Howrah Bridge, Kolkata Town Hall, Calcutta High Court, Belvedere Estate, and New Market.


My experience 

Before I started presenting, I was slightly nervous as this is the first time I would do something like this. 


A week before my presentation, my seniors at Shimbi Labs had briefed me about it. They have helped and guided me all along.

After my presentation, the kind words by all of them encouraged and motivated me to do better. 


Overall, it was a very good experience!


In this internship at Shimbi Labs, I have learned so many things and improved so many skills. Be it writing, editing, proofreading, public speaking, interviewing, and presenting. It has taught me how to work remotely from home and communicate with your seniors so that the company runs smoothly.


It has taught me to work as a team, which is a necessary skill nowadays. I had never imagined that in a content writing internship, I would learn so much. Especially during this pandemic, I have utilized my time and learned so much due to this internship. 


Hence, all these activity sessions held at Shimbi Labs are a great learning experience for all.


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