Basics of adding, updating, and managing leads in Mikan CRM: A Guide for Beginners.

Posted on 30 Apr 2020 12:53 in Shimbi Labs Products
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Every lead is essential for small businesses because well-natured lead may eventually become a customer. In his blog post, you will learn the basics of managing your sales lead.

Mikan CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) and lead management software for Small Businesses, Professionals, and Freelancers.


Mikan CRM greatly simplified naturing leads. Convert leads to potential buyers through efficient communication and building relationships.


Here are a few simple steps to add, update, and manage sales leads.


Add Lead 

Step 1 - Please Login to your Mikan CRM account.

Step 2 - Click on the Add Lead button.

Step 3 - Lead creation form has two sections: Personal details and Lead details.


  • Personal Details - Add all available and possible information about a contact person with whom you will follow up for a potential business opportunity. 
  • Lead Details - Add all possible information about the lead. Some key information, such as lead value is optional in form, but taking an informed guess or asking about the budget to your future client is useful to calculate lead efficiency. 


Once you add the lead, the next crucial thing is a follow up.

Follow up is the key to success of lead conversion.


Lead creation can be automated using API to collect data from your website form.


Lead Follow up

Mikan CRM lead management module is focused on creating a well-defined follow-up path. Efficient follow up with leads maximize the possibility of success. 


Follow-ups are based on the Next Action set during lead creation. 

Next Actions -

  1. Follow up Call
  2. Follow up Email
  3. In-person meeting
  4. Introduction call
  5. Introduction email
  6. Online meeting


By default, we have multiple Next Actions added to the application. You can add your won too.


An introduction email can be set as an automated workflow to send to every leade on creation. 


Update & Manage

Updating the latest status of every lead on each follow up is essential for successful lead conversion. 


Every update you record is useful in the next follow up.


Create lead > Set Next Action > Follow up lead > Update lead > Set Next Action


Repeat this until you successfully convert the lead or reach a conclusion, Lost, or Follow up for the near future.


Shimbi CRM is a lead nurturing tool to convert leads to potential buyers through efficient communication and nurturing.


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