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Creating GST compliant invoices takes just seconds with Shimbi Invoice. Stop worrying about GST and focus on growing your business.

At the stroke of midnight on June 30th, India began a landmark tax reform by implementing GST. GST will not just unify the nation under one tax, but also changed the way millions of Indian businesses do business. Every taxable business entity registered under GST has to file returns online, monthly or annually based on the nature of the business. 


Sound overwhelming? Don’t sweat; we’ve solved this for you.


Shimbi Invoice is GST ready.


Keeping pace with the changes, we’ve made Shimbi Invoice GST-ready. 


You can create invoices in prescribed GST Invoice format in less than a minute using Shimbi Invoice. Shimbi Invoice is a painless and quick method to create GST ready invoices for products and services.


This simple online GST ready invoicing software helps you to quickly bill your clients as per the new rules and get paid quickly. No struggle for invoice formats, HSN codes or running after your CA, Let Shimbi Invoice take care of your invoicing needs.


You focus on your business growth let Shimbi Invoice take care of GST compliances.


Here’s what you can look forward to:


1. Shimbi Invoice captures the right taxes, so you don't need to worry about which tax you should apply if it is CGST + SGST or IGST Or UGST.

2. Send out invoices in GST format with necessary information such as GSTIN, HSN/SAC code, the address of shipment, etc. It also prints clear breakdown of taxes applied. With all necessary information, your invoice still looks aesthetical keeping your brand identity.

3. Shimbi Invoice automatically captures all GSTR Reports necessary to file GST Payments.

4. As per the law, each business needs to collect a 15 digit unique GST Identification Number (GSTIN) and shipping address for all its customer. Shimbi Invoice takes care of capturing and organizing all of them at one place.

5. The GST directive requires businesses to use HSN and SAC codes to eliminate ambiguity in classification and tax calculation, Shimbi Invoice lets you add them quickly.

6. Shimbi Invoice doesn't stop here, but it also allows to send an invoice in your local language.

7. With Shimbi Invoice App send invoice anytime anywhere.


While others are clueless about GST compliance and implementation, Shimbi Invoice is ready to make your life easy.


Did you ask for pricing? — Shimbi Invoice comes for ₹1999/year per organization. You can start a trial with our FREE plan.


Signup for Shimbi Invoice to manage your invoicing and taxes.



(For those interested in the complete act visit Central Govt. GST website-

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