Today is Shimbi Lab's 12th anniversary


Posted on 12 Jun 2017 07:00 in Shimbi Insights by ShimBi Labs

Sachin & Siddharth in 2008


On Shimbi Labs 12th anniversary, CEO, Siddharth Deshmukh email to the team. Also, Happy Birthday Siddharth, have a wonderful time on this amazing day.



Congratulations & Happy Birthday Shimbi Labs! 

It seems like it was only yesterday that we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Shimbi Labs, and today we have completed 12 years since we founded in 2005.

Last two years I spent a lot of time thinking how we wish to see ourselves in next decade? Time has changed since Shimbi Labs was born. Technology evolved rapidly, software moved from stand-alone desktop to the web, to cloud and mobile devices.

Shimbi Labs always believed that future of technology is Automation, AI, and Machine Learning. Now is the time we need to embrace these technologies and evolved as next generation company. We must offer our customers innovative solutions those will ensure their businesses are also ready for future challenges. 

To adopt to these changes, we already started refocusing our business, updated our offerings. We also released new company logo that will reflect our fresh perspective to everything that we will do in future.

During all these years only thing doesn't change, our mission to provide Simple, Powerful, Innovative yet Affordable software solutions to customers.

This year may be the especially tough year as we will transit into new technology, the new offering, and new business model. So let's prepare for that.

I wish to thanks to all customers and partners for providing us the business opportunities.

Also thanks to entire Shimbi Labs team for helping make Shimbi a fantastic company.


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