7 undertaking that changed people's life forever

Posted on 30 Apr 2021 09:09 in Inspiring Stories
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Time waits for no one, so use it wisely. Last year during the lockdown, many people used their time in such a way that it changed their lives forever. It is not yet over; the worst is hearting us now, but there is tomorrow.

When you look at the last year, it brings back a wide variety of memories, some happy, some sad, and some boring. The Coronavirus pandemic has made us suffer, lose our loved ones, halt businesses, factories, and industries, among others. But it also gave us time and slowed down our lives to introspect, spend time with our loved ones, take a break from our monotonous life, improve ourselves and get back up stronger.


During the lockdown, some of us must have just wasted our time being lazy. Cribbing about what's happening around the world. While the others have grasped this opportunity to change their lives. 


Be it small lifestyle changes, or following your dreams, spending time with your family and friends, finding innovative ways to stay connected with the people who stay far away, or following Instagram lockdown trends like Dalgona Coffee! We all have done something productive, something we couldn't have done if this lockdown wasn't imposed. 


But this lockdown destroyed many lives too. There are always two sides to a coin, and this side is too cruel to ignore. The worst is not over yet, but life has to go on. History teaches us; humanity survived many pandemics before too.


Here are some ways in which you can take advantage of this time rather than letting it slip. It's not too late! You can still make the best out of this time before time makes you its slave. 


1. Online Courses and Degrees 
During the lockdown, all offices, schools, colleges were shut down, and people had nothing to do. The thirst for knowledge made people opt for online short courses in areas of their interest. Many universities and other education centers started providing online classes in various subjects such as graphic designing, marketing, business studies, nutrition, and many more. Some of them were even degree courses. So many people earned multiple degrees during the lockdown. 


2. Starting a small business 
All small business owner's reading this blog, pat yourself in the back. You all have given your all, made mistakes, learned from them, and built a small business from scratch. Numerous small businesses have sprung up selling bags, clothes, jewelry, art, food items, and many other products.


This way, you all entrepreneurs have started an additional flow of income, helped your family during this time, and utilized this time to do what you love.


3. Making a website/social media account
Many small business owners did not have a website for their business. They couldn't take out time from their busy schedule to make one. They used to sell via social media or by word of mouth. But now they had ample time to make a website for themselves.


Designing a website for your business is fun. You can express yourself and your creative skills in it. There are many do it yourself website builder that lets you build your online presence. We at Shimbi Labs made an amazingly simple tool to let you do that. With BUDO, build your website, and with NINJIN, start your online store. 


4. Taking internships 
As work-from-home was the only option during these testing times, mostly all companies started offering online internships. Recruitment and selection were also held online; hence it became effortless for interested candidates to apply. Especially students took advantage of this situation to get good internships. 


5. Freelancing 
Freelance writing, designing, photography, and other services have increased throughout the last year. Students especially became freelancers to follow their interests, get credits on their CV, and get extra pocket money.


Freelancing gives individuals experience in that field so that they can decide whether they want to pursue it full time as a career or not.


Many people have made a career out of FREELANCING!
It is an exciting and upcoming career option. With time in hand, take up freelancing to improve your skills.


6. Following your passion/hobbies 

Have you kept a distance from your passion and hobbies just because you never had time for it?


Many people have utilized this time to follow their passion: cooking, baking, dancing, designing, gardening, singing, and the list goes on and on. Some even quit their jobs and started a full-time business out of their hobbies and passions. 


7. Focusing on their health 

As the saying goes, 'Health is Wealth.'
Especially during a pandemic, staying safe and healthy is the priority of all. But some have taken this opportunity to up their health and fitness game.


People have started using online fitness apps such as Healthify me, Cure.Fit, etc., as gyms have shut down. 


Following diets and exercising at home became a routine for many. Many people emerged out of the lockdown healthier and fitter. Are you one of them? Tell us about your fitness journey in the comment section below!


Time, when utilized well, can change your life, make you happier, and feel productive. These are some of how millions of people have made the best use of their time. 


You, too, can still transform your life, achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams. Look at life Positively. Time constantly changes, and the pandemic will also one day get over. Stay alert, take care but don't give up.


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