9 Handmade products business ideas for 2021

Posted on 16 Jan 2021 09:09 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

The market and demand for handmade items are increasing day by day. You, too, can start your business and sell items which you make yourself. Here are some ideas for a DIY product business.

People buy more and more handmade products than readymade products due to the high quality of materials used, fine craftsmanship, exclusivity and uniqueness of products, and customization.


These products' price is usually higher than that of the readymade alternative, but people are willing to pay.


Hence, if you plan on starting your own business, you can try out making these handmade products and sell them online via websites and social media platforms.


Top 10 items to make at home and sell


1. Baking kits
People love to bake at home. It is a therapeutic activity for many. Procuring all ingredients is a cumbersome job; hence people prefer to buy baking kits. 


Baking kits are made for specific products like cake, cookies, pies, etc. All the ingredients except the perishable ingredients like eggs, oil, milk, etc., are provided in the box. 


The recipe and method are also given, so just follow the instructions and bake yummy food.


Baking kits and cake mix are a hit, and many people have started selling them. It has a huge demand in the market.


People are using them for gifting at birthday parties too.


2. Bath bombs and soaps
Bath bombs are small balls with loads of soap, fragrance, and chemicals; when dipped in water, it explodes and forms foams in water.


Nowadays, many people have started making bath bombs and soaps at home. They are organic and free of harmful chemicals. 

This business idea has low creativity requirements as soaps, and bath bombs can be made using commercial molds. But packaging and branding are important in beauty. 


3. Hand embroidered materials
Hand embroidery is considered the most beautiful and exclusive form of work on fabrics, bags, wallets, and other products.


It requires a lot of patience, hard work, and creativity. But if you have that in you, you can start selling hand-embroidered goods.


In light of the ongoing pandemic, many people have started selling hand-embroidered masks. Small, delicate designs on the corners of masks give it a unique look and are a hot selling item!


If you specialize in stitching like crochet, machine stitching, embroidery, knitting, etc., utilize that skill. Make goods out of it and start selling.


You can start from a small exhibition at your home and gradually build your brand and a website for it!


4. Gift hampers
Gifting is all about making the person feel special. Hence personalized gift hampers have become the hot selling item.


In these hampers, mostly food items and a few gifts are nicely decorated and presented on trays and cones. It is decorated according to the theme with pictures and stickers.


As a business idea, it requires low investment and has high-profit margins. As the raw materials like papers and gifting items are cheap, you can earn a lot in this segment.


Plus, you don't need to stock up goods, as per your orders you can print and buy the required materials.


5. Ceramic goods and pottery 
Ceramic and pottery require skill and equipment. It would help if you had a workshop as it requires a place to mold and a heat source where it'll dry. 


If you are new to this art, you can learn it. There are various schools and workshops which organize classes. You can mold and make plates, bowls, glasses, pots, vases, etc., of ceramic and mud.


Many homemade businesses have started selling ceramic crockery and are booming. 


6. Graphic illustrations
If you love to make illustrations on various software, you can start selling them and making illustrations on order. 


For saving money and paper, people have started sending e-invites rather than invitation cards made of paper.


You can use your skills in illustrations and start making cards and e-invites for people. This business idea just needs your creative skills and knowledge about software, which will help you in graphic designing. 


You can also take short term courses on graphic designing to up your game.


7. Cosmetics
The cosmetic industry is saturated with well-known brands such as Maybelline, Loreal, MAC, etc. But still, people have now started supporting and buying products from home-based small businesses who make cosmetics at home.


These cosmetics, like lip balms, moisturizers, creams, etc., are made from fine ingredients. You can also start your brand of cosmetics and sell them.


This DIY product doesn't require much investment and can easily be made with a few essential oils and wax. No fancy equipment is needed for it. Hence it is a good start.


8. Art, paintings, and décor items
Art and paintings are always items that can be sold at an excellent price if presented correctly. 


If you are an artist, you should not only create unique paintings but also sell them. It will give you much joy when people appreciate and buy your stuff.


9. Enamel pins
Enamel pins are now in the trend. They are small metallic pins that people like to attach to bags, jackets, and wallets. 


You can start making these pins at home and can design them yourself too! You can also take customized orders and give your customers the option to customize their designs.


These are a few of the DIY products which you can make and sell. If you plan to make an online store and sell them, you can check out ShimBi Labs Ninjin store builder


Simple software that will help you to create your online store within minutes. No coding knowledge is required!


Let us know do you have any other product ideas?

Or share your experience of running a handmade business or other benefits. 



Photo by Gabby K from Pexels


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