How has ShimBi Labs helped me remain productive during a lockdown?

Posted on 04 Jul 2020 09:09 in Shimbi Insights
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Everything paused as the government announced a nationwide lockdown. Boredom consumed me but I realised that wasting time was a mistake. Here is how ShimBi Labs helped me be productive this lockdown. You can also apply now and become better at what you do!

At New Year’s Eve everyone made their long lists of things which they would achieve or do the following year. But nobody imagined that life would come at a standstill and we would have to go through a pandemic.


From the city of Wuhan, China emerged a virus. Thousands and thousands of people in China suffered from it and it came to be known as the Corona Virus (Covid-19). Little did we know that this virus would spread like wildfire. Leading to loss of life, crashing economy and standstill of life.


This pandemic or more commonly known as COVID19 has shaken the world. Affecting people from all across the globe, leading to misery and pain.


To combat this virus most of the countries in the world have imposed a total lockdown. Hence, restricting movements, shutting down their economy and maintaining social distancing. India was one of them.


How to remain positive during these testing times?

During these hard times it is very difficult to stay positive. Several negative thoughts come in our mind specially if we see our loved ones suffer. The people who have actually been targets of this virus have been through worse.


Staying locked up in our own houses with minimum social contact has led to various mental health issues. But we cannot help it. Staying indoors is for the greater good.


Even though we got a lot of quality family time, after a certain amount of time it gets frustrating.


Every individual has different ways to cope up with these tense situations. Painting, cooking, reading, baking, dancing, singing, writing, exercising and the list goes on and on.


For me it was writing.

When the lockdown was imposed and my college had shut down I had nowhere to go. I tried new ways to be productive and kill time. But then I realized that wasting time was a mistake.


With so much time in hand I can improve my skills and be better at what I do. Rather than wasting this precious time, by watching TV and Instagram all day, I can invest it on myself.


With an open mind I sat and surfed the internet and I saw that I had earlier applied for an internship at ShimBi Labs. I checked my mails and realized that I had got an email from the same.


I replied to the emails and gave an online interview though a video call. After completing the selection process, I waited for the result.


Was I selected or not?

I got a reply back from the Founder and CEO of ShimBi Labs, Mr. Siddharth Deshmukh. As I read the email, I was excited, nervous, happy and tensed at the same time.


I had been selected out of 300 applicants for a content writing internship. This is my first internship as a content writer.


I was filled with joy as well as hope. It reminded me of a saying by Eleanor Roosevelt “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”


A new beginning

I started my internship from May 2020. Writing has always been a passion but I never imagined that I would get an internship during these times.


It not only helps me be productive but is also a learning opportunity. It keeps me occupied and keeps my mind sharp.

It is very easy to lose hope and sulk during these times, but to find the courage and fight back is a challenge. For me this internship at ShimBi Labs was the strength required to overcome this quarantine.


Research, write and learn

Content writing at ShimBi Labs is not just an ordinary and simple internship.


It is more of a learning experience. Here one is not given a particular topic to write about or a strict word limit. We are free to choose the topic we like and connect it with the company.


We have the liberty to write and the deadlines are flexible too. Hence, no mental stress about deadlines and submissions.


Moreover, it is a work from home internship. So, I can work from any part of the globe in the comfort of my home.


Mentorship under Mr. Siddharth Deshmukh

In ShimBi Labs there are no managers. So, I have no superior above me. I directly report to the CEO.


This concept is very unique and instills a sense of self confidence. Whenever I need help or inspiration for writing I directly contact him. Over video call sessions I have had the opportunity to interview him too.


So, it is an extremely work friendly and helpful environment.


What has this internship given me?

Besides from being a wonderful experience, this internship has sharpened my skills of blogging, editing, researching and writing.


It also provides me with a great stipend which gives me a sense of satisfaction. It also gives me an insight of the job market and the work life.


It also helps me create my CV and decide upon what career I should pursue further.


What has motivated you to stay positive this quarantine?

Comment below in the comments sections on what activities inspired and helped you stay healthy mentally and physically.


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