How to do email marketing perfectly.

Posted on 14 Jul 2022 12:00 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Email marketing is a key tool used by brands to advertise themselves. If used right it can do wonders or else it remains ignored and marked as SPAM. Read along to know how to do it perfectly.

Marketing and advertising your brand are key to the success of the company. The marketing mix is a term that entails all the tools one can use for marketing. It includes the product, price, place, and promotion. Email marketing falls in the promotion aspect of the mix.


Email marketing is a form of digital marketing. Different companies use this marketing solution for solving different problems in their firm.


Email marketing is more popular in countries such as the USA and European countries as people have a habit of checking their email daily as it is still a relevant platform for communication.


Whereas in India, emails are not taken that seriously. Apart from the working professionals who need to check their mail for official purposes, nobody else likes to check their mail.


Why is that so?

It is because of the huge amount of SPAM EMAILS one receives daily. This makes people irritable and they don't see any value in opening and reading them. That is why email marketing is more successful abroad than in India.


But if you use this tool rightly you can turn things around. Emails are a form of personal communication from the company to the customer. It can create a huge impact and can convert a lead into a customer.


So how to make an amazing email marketing campaign?


Frequency of mails

Frequency of emails

Indian big brands such as Amazon, Myntra, Swiggy, Zomato, etc. have a habit of sending emails daily. Other spam emails such as those of banks annoy the audience. Hence the key to a successful email marketing strategy is to reduce the frequency and increase the quality and engagement of the content.


Companies believe that to stay relevant they have to send emails every day or on alternative days. They feel that if the consumer does not see their brand name, they will forget them.


But that is not true.


Let's take this example- your favorite TV show airs one episode per week. This is done to keep you intrigued about the next one. If they would show all of them together you would get bored after one point time. Moreover, hype won't be created about your show. People wait with excitement about the next episode. Your email should be like this. Less frequent but worth the wait.


People should eagerly wait for your emails and not the other way round.


Quality of mails

Simply stating your products/services does not excite anyone. Email is such a form that you can write texts, add images, videos, posters and so much more.


Use these tools to your advantage. Add some eye-catching pictures or posters along with the text. Add your brand logo above or below the email so that the customers are reminded of your brand.


Use current affairs, pop culture, or any trending topic to your advantage. See if you can link that with your brand or products and services. Add a sense of humor, wit, or sarcasm. If it makes the viewer chuckle or appreciates your work then your job is done.


If your target audience is teenagers then it is a must for you to add some element of fun and humor to your emails.


Use intriguing subject

The success of email campaigning depends upon the decision of the user to open the mail. The subject is very crucial in determining whether the receiver will open the mail or not. Writing a subject in CAPS or with 10 exclamation or question marks does not make it interesting and worth reading.


Make sure you write an amazing subject. Questions or catchphrases are an amazing subject as they excite the user and make them want to know more.


Call to action

Always end your mail with a call to action asking the viewer to do something and connect with your brand. You can ask them to buy your products, view the website, or anything else that is beneficial to your company.


Engage with your customers

You can add quizzes, games, or any activities for your viewers. This way brand engagement and awareness increase.


These are some of how you can make your email marketing campaign successful.


A lot of people mostly in foreign countries send weekly or monthly emails announcing their new product or service release and urge viewers to buy it. They collect email addresses from their website and social media and send them these emails. The campaign runs for a week and it leads to huge increases in sales.


In India, people are still trying to reach this level. Many small businesses have started using this strategy to up their game. 




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