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Posted on 15 Sep 2014 09:45 in Shimbi Labs Products by ShimBi Labs

In this release Shimbi MyBilling, we have completely revamped User Rights module. Learn more how User Roles can save you a lot of trouble.

Today we are announcing the release of ShimBi MyBilling 2.1. In this version, we have completely revamped the User Rights module. Now you can assign different roles to users based on system rights.

All new user rights module!

With MyBilling's simplified and fully customized user rights system, you can create your combinations of rights for each user.



When Hailley had her living room redesigned, she handed the house key to her construction crew after locking all other rooms because she didn’t want them snooping around.


Now, think why you should grant all your staff complete access to your invoicing software when you only want them to handle a part of it.


In any mid-size organization, it is not possible for a single person to perform all the functions concerned with a business like estimates, invoicing, accounting and budgeting. It’s key that these duties are delegated to sales staff, accountants managers, and bookkeepers and performed independently.


The problem with giving unrestricted access to all is that there is a chance that your financial data is at risk. Or staff is simply overwhelmed by data they see and confused what to do with it. On the other hand limiting access too much could make it hard for them to do their tasks efficiently.


“User Rights” feature in Shimbi MyBilling is precisely designed to solve this problem. 


Provide just the right access for your staff.

You now define customized system rights to your employees suitable to their roles in your organization.  With each role having its own set of privileges and access limits they can see only necessary functionalities to perform their job efficiently. You have full control over the system to decide who sees what, and who can do what.


Your data is safe from any data breach

For example, you can now make your sales staff just to create and edit estimates and invoices and limit them snooping around through your tax returns or total revenue. 


With this feature, you can customize every privilege; even you can just create view only right to certain users, who need data only to generate reports for the boss.


Total flexibility of User Right feature makes your organization 100% efficient.


The power of this feature lies in its flexibility. The User Rights feature lets you create any types of roles so that you can customize every permission to suit your needs.


Assign Customers to staff

Not only you can assign different user rights to employees, but also you can assign only certain customer data access. It means not everyone can see all data for all customers. 


User Rights tiny yet indispensable feature in Shimbi Invoice that makes it easier for you to control what your employees can access and makes your data inviolable and organization efficient. This is the perfect feature for any mid size company.


Create an unlimited number of users and assign the rights, it's simple, it just works!


Existing Shimbi MyBilling users, please log in and reassign user rights under User Menu.


Not yet MyBilling user, explore it with free sign up today!


Note: Shimbi MyBilling is now Shimbi Invoice. Shimbi Invoice is simplest invoicing online software. Now also India GST Compliant.

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