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Posted on 16 May 2014 09:47 in Small Business Hacks by ShimBi Labs

Are you looking for an online invoicing solution for your small business? Then today blog host is must read for you.

Small Business Toolkit for Busy Entrepreneurs


Are you looking for an online invoicing solution for your small business? Then today blog host is must read for you.


In Small Business Toolkit for Busy Entrepreneurs series, today we will discuss most important topic that is Invoicing. All small business owners need to wear many hats at a time that includes invoicing your customers on time so you can expect payment on time. (Other day we discussed… Practical Tips To Help You Get Paid On Time). Spreadsheets, handwritten invoices and sticky notes are not only ancient by today's tech standards but are also colossal time wasters compared to the many new tools available. Sure, there is so many Invoicing application available in the market, but today we will discuss about ShimBi Labs’ very own Online Invoicing Application “MyBilling."


Reason we decided to recommend you ShimBi MyBilling is simple, because it was built in early 2006 for our own use as Small Business (Read Bootstrapping Story here). We sincerely think it will be useful to your Small Business too. Over the period, ShimBi MyBilling  evolves as a robust option for Small Business Invoicing needs. Over 1000 copies sold as a licensed version and now available as SaaS (Software as a service) application.



Before we see how ShimBi MyBilling can help your small business, let's see some important reason for you to consider moving to web-based Invoicing Applications.


Online Invoicing applications offers:

1. No installation. No maintenance.
2. Create your account and start invoicing in minutes!
3. Estimates, Invoice, Receipts all at one place.
4. Access anytime, anywhere.
5. Range of payment options.
6. Complete Payment History
7. Safeguard your business data.


Learn more about them in blog post How can Online Invoicing System help your business? and return here.


All above listed features are supported by ShimBi MyBilling.


About ShimBi MyBilling
ShimBi MyBilling is the easiest & simplest way to invoice your customers. Create, Send and Manage your invoices & receipts online. More to it accept online & offline payments from customers. Not only this but you can also create elegant looking estimates and Quotes in minutes and convert them to invoice in one click.


ShimBi MyBilling helps you to get paid faster and on time with online payment gateways!


Here are some recommended posts before you start using ShimBi MyBilling.

So signup today and start using ShimBi MyBilling as your online invoicing software.


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